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August 23rd, 1980

OMG, this episode is SOOOOOOO painful!

Like we haven't seen these performances and clips a TRILLION times!

Re: August 23rd, 1980

Great to know I'm not the only one still up Jason!!!

A couple of my copies of some of these clips are second generation so I will benefit... but I get your meaning. If they are going to play less and less Countdown it's important that they play more episodes that have not been repeated and probably less compilations of very familiar material.

I remember seeing this Sherbet clip as a little nipper. It looks like it was recorded yesterday other than the fact its 4:3!

Re: August 23rd, 1980

OF COURSE I am still up!

I ALWAYS watch Countdown in January live and have been since they started repeating in 1993.

Nothing like a LIVE Countdown telecast :-)

Re: August 23rd, 1980


I'm only up because I haven't got a hard-drive yet! These late nights take a bit of a toll to be honest. January is hell on my sleep patterns - but worth it!

I'm betting there aren't many of us still up. I've got kids, I've been awake since 6:30 AM yesterday morning... in an hour that will be 24 hours!

Re: August 23rd, 1980

What gets me about this ep is that half of the clips were the typical promo clips we've all seen before.

Why didn't whoever compiled this episode at the time put up the live studio performances of these songs instead? That way more of these 'lost' studio items could have been seen - especially given that at that time - 1980 - most of the Countdowns still existed. That would have made it much more interesting to watch.

This ep also suffered from some technical issues - at least from my end - Marcia Hines' performance cut out a few times and the picture pixelated during JPY's performance. Even poor James Reyne looked a bit bored hosting it!

Re: August 23rd, 1980

Mine didn't pixelate during Marcia BUT big deal. I was so NOT interested in this vile episode.

Mine did HOWEVER pixelate like H E L L during my requested 1981 episode :-(

I record on DVD hard drive AND Foxtel IQ Box SO I was lucky as my IQ NEVER pixelates on Countdown :-) :-)

Re: August 23rd, 1980

Another thing about this episode:

Why did it end with Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool?

That song was before Countdown's time and yet it was on a show devoted to Countdown era songs? Surely they could have put something more appropriate to end the show with?

Found that a bit odd.

Re: August 23rd, 1980

Because Eagle Rock film clip was shown on a pre-Countdown show called "Hit Scene" in 1971.