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"Linda George"

Linda George was English born and Melbourne based throughout most of her music career during the 70's and early 80's. She began with the band "The Nova Express" in the late 1960s as well as a cover of Janis Joplin's "Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart"/"Around The Block" with the band before going solo. Clip of "Around The Block" was shown on "Hitscene" about ten years back on Rage from memory.

She also worked as a regular with the ABC Showband. Signed to Image record label 1972. Her debut solo single "Let's Fly Away"/"Song To Save The World" in May. Her first chart hit was a cover of Gladys Knight & The Pips "Neither One Of Us"/"If It's Alright With You" #16 July 1973 as well as the Ruby & The Romantics cover song "Our Day Will Come"/"Yesterday And You" #36 Jan 1974. During March of 1973 she also played the Gypsy queen in the local stage rock opera "Tommy". 1974 was Linda's year with the single releases of Dusty Springfield cover "Mama's Little Girl"/"Between Her Goodbye And My Hello" #9 August 1974 her most highest chart single release, "Give It Love"/"Yesterday And You" #91 December 1974, 1975 singles "Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Dah Day"/"I Wanna Hear Music" #85 September 1975 and "Step By Step"/"Wake Up" which failed to chart in May 1976. Also during 1975 she recorded the theme song to the Australian movie "End Play" (1975) titled "Loneliest Game You Can Play". Her last single release on the record label Image was "Sitting In Limbo"/"Hard To Be Friends" November 1976. During the late 1970's she mainly did session work. She returned to recording in the early 1980's for Mike Brady's Full Moon record label. "Love Is Enough"/"You Are Mine Tonight" (with Paul McKay) #42 April 1980, "Telephone" Lines"/"Physical Things" June 1981 & "Face To Face"/"Up Until Now" August 1982 both failed to chart. Linda released two albums during the mid 1970s "Miss Linda George" (1974) & "Step By Step" (1975) both from the Image record label.

In recent years Linda has been a music teacher at Melbourne University to my knowledge. During the early 1970's she also beared a very strong resemblance to that of actress tv personality and singer Denise Drysdale. Probably the hairstyles & styling maternity dresses LOL.

Re: "Linda George"

Linda also appears in the 'What is Countdown?' clips recorded to promote the new show in 1974 and repeated on RAGE on 24th of January 2009.

You can hear her English accent when she is being interviewed in the make up chair preparing for her performance of 'Mama's Little Girl' on the show.

There was a glimpse of her performance in glorious colour in the collage of clips featured at the begining of the Music Industry Awards for 1975 which was repeated on RAGE to start the morning of the 23rd of January 2010 during the retro hour. I remember almost falling out of bed watching those clips!

She appears to have indeed resembled Denise!

Re: "Linda George"

One of Linda George's songs, Mama's Little Girl was featured in the soundtrack of a 1979 Australian film, Felicity, an Australian version of Emmanuelle which was featured in Not Quite Hollywood documentary movie