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See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

WOW... just realized that rage is playing See Hear Touch - Marginal Era tom morning!

I saw this on You Tube afew yrs ago and LOVED it.

So rage do have RARE video's! *** This is what I mean, more stuff like this and LESS commercial 80s rubbish!

Re: See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

What year was this song released (better still the month and year)? and where does this group hail from?

Re: See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

Track is from 1985 and would have been released before Vince Leigh joined the band as he is in this band.

I would say somewhere in the first 5 months of 1985!

I also presume they were a Melbourne based band as Vince Leigh grew up in Melbourne.

I was in heaven this morning when I recorded it

Re: See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

Glad you also like Marginal Era. I had left the following message on the Rage forum in a thread which you had started on Retro 2 Changes:

"Marginal Era is a really rare clip from November 1985. This Melbourne band appeared live on Countdown but the only copy of the clip I have got is from an episode of Sounds. Didn't even know Rage had this in their archives. The drummer is Vince Leigh who joined Pseudo Echo shortly after this."

Thought for a moment you were quoting me. I got a bit of that wrong though, they performed live on Hey Hey It's Saturday and not Countdown, I have got the Hey Hey clip

I had actually just mentioned Marginal Era on this forum just last week when mentioning rare clips that I had seen on old videos and pondered why Rage can't play more of that material - and 7 days later they do.

Makes me wonder whether someone there does monitor what we say here. Fantastic to see that.

Re: See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

YAY Guru!

SO it was YOU responsible for the suggestion :-)

That now makes sense, rage wouldn't just get it out!

It's such a GREAT track. I am SO glad I re checked the Saturday morning playlist before bed last night and set the recorder or I would have missed it and I would have DIED!!!!

Re: See Hear Touch - Marginal Era

I would be happy to claim responsibility for Marginal Era being played but it is unlikely.

I just thought it was a huge coincidence that a band as obscure as that would get mentioned by me here on this forum and a week later Rage show it.

I've got both their singles (See Hear Touch/Is This The Way and How Can I Explain/A Lot Like You) on 45's with picture sleeves. I don't know if they released anything else. Funny that a Melbourne band would record on Queensland label Centre Records (part of Polygram) and mix it in Sydney's Studio 301. Pointless trivia - Gary Nottingham replaced Vince Leigh in 1986 on drums.