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MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Hi all, It looks to me like the Nov. '79 episode is not the full 55 minute show. Check out on rage's website how it appears they fit the whole show, plus two songs between 1:30 and 2am?? I know most of us already have this show, but my concern is will they continue to carve up other shows that we don't have in the future? Maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but I think that I'm right?

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

The timings are fairly rough on that playlist. It will be the full episode unless there are any Beatles recordings which will have to go - including any solo Paul McCartney etc. The ABC will not meet exorbitant licensing fees for playing these clips which is very understandable. Sort of like the infamous record ban of 1970. So fear not Matthew, it will be the whole episode!!

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Thankyou for clearing that up, I can sleep easy!

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Just to second that although I would rather not of had that 79 ep played as it was already aired a second time back in the late 90's or sometime there about. It dosent' have the original "Dragon" band with lead vocal by Marc Hunter which is disappointing as I have to sit through it again. It should be the full ep though "Countdown" was not always the full 60min it sometimes ran 50 - 55 min depending on time constraints at the time from what I have learnt. Looking forward to the other "Countdown" & retro programming however.

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Hi Matthew,

Almost all of the time the Rage programme timings are way out - last week was no exception. Roy Orbison's "Crying" was scheduled to run a full 30 minutes when the song is only 3 minutes :-) Hehe...

Some Countdown episodes were 48 to 49 minutes but the majority hover around 52 to 55 minutes. They're certainly not cutting the programme lengths down which is a relief so it should work out fine.

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Did I miss something, or was there stuff missing in this episode.

I have taped this show previously, but last nights episode was missing the KISS movie snippet wasn't it?

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Yep - another copyright issue no doubt. Things are getting way too precious when the original broadcaster who actually transmitted the show cannot show it in its entirety 31 years on. Who is going to honestly CARE!! Same for the Beatles segment from Hitscene - it was 41 years AGO for Gods Sake!! This is all way out of hand!!

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

I thought it was a bit short at 49:24 but as I have seen it before I didn't worry. All Countdowns were between 52 and 55 minutes generally.

Just checked my 1997 TV recording and Between Mi-Sex - Computer Games and Cold Chisel Choir Girl they cut the Kiss movie preview for Attack Of The Phantoms which was a segment that ran for 4:21.

As Brett says Kiss are probably in the same category as The Beatles. Thank god I taped the complete episode without watermarks a few years back when they showed it complete.

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode


Can I have a copy of the 1979 episode in full as I was in London January 1997 and didn't get this episode.

Would rather it in FULL obviously and Watermark free.

PLEASE contact me as I DIE for Ami Stewart!

I KNEW something was edited out last night as the transition from the COUNTDOWN music to the next piece looked very cut!

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

Strange that it's only now that both bands are seemingly more precious with their copyright material. Well at least that means if the ABC repeat anymore 1979 episodes that 'I Was made for loving you' and other KISS songs won't be aired...affecting out about 5 or so 1979 eps.

What was interesting about last night's 79 show was seeing Dragon and Marc Hunter on the same show. Wasn't that a bit tactless on the part of whoever got them on the show? I'm sure behind the scenes would have been....interesting.

MAJOR CONCERNS re: 25/11/79 episode

I'm not sure whether it is the KISS footage or the movie itself. They showed 7 KISS clips when Meatloaf programmed just 7 months ago on June 26 last year so I have a feeling it may be more in relation to the movie.

Who knows, maybe the mod on Rage will enlighten us. It would be nice to know exactly what artists are on the now banned list to save making possible futile suggestions.

Either way KISS and Beatles is common so no great loss, unless they have to edit a Hitscene for a pointless segment.

CJ, happy to do a copy.

Patrick, at least they didn't make Marc intro Dragon, that could have sounded awkward.