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Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

Retro month is in full swing this week with Saturday night pulling out some hidden gems from the archives.
We have for you THREE episodes of Countdown, which include interviews with Rod Stewart, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, performances by La Femme and Uncanny X-men and HEAPS of amazing clips. But that’s not all, there is an episode of Hitscene from 1970 and some Recovery from 1997.

We also have a very special GTK Special on the late William Shakespeare as well as a mini special in tribute to the late Gerry Rafferty.

Catch retro highlights from 10:00am Saturday morning on ABC1 then catch the full show from 12:10am on Saturday night.

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

oooh, 3 Countdown episodes ! :-)

I requested a Countdown with a Stevie Wonder interview in it from 12/04/1981 *** I HOPE this is the same show :-)

Hmmm, the La Femme bit don't sound good as that sounds like a repeat when they do "I Wanna Be Your Man" ! ? ! ?

We will have to wait and see... So far this sounds MUCH better than last week's monstrousity!

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

Looks like they are repeating the Nov 25 1979 episode again which they showed in 1997 (it had La Femme and Rod Stewart and Elton John interviews). Hope the other 2 aren't also repeats but with those monkeys in charge who knows.

The problem with people who think 1997 is Retro (see choice of Recovery) also seem to think that Retro shown in 1997 is retro all over again because it was shown all of 13 years ago. I wish the ABC wouldn't start new recruits, fresh out of TAFE, in the Rage department - they seem to think 13 years ago is a long time.

A Recovery from 1997, hopefully it is edited down or there is 3 hours of the most tedious boredom coming up. I wonder if this is also going to be the repeated 1970 Hitscene that they mention.

The William Shakespeare GTK is well worth including but I can't heap too much praise on 10 minutes of footage. I hope Uncanny X-Men has Brian hosting, he was always one of the best hosts that they had, no wonder he got so many gigs on Hey Hey as well.

Probably should have shown ep 482 Oct 6 1985 as that had Molly from Rockhampton and considering Rockhampton floods have dominated the news maybe it could be appropriate.

This is turning out to be the worst Retro ever.

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

CJ, if it is the show you requested, what in particular interests you so much about it?

*** 12/04/1981 ***
Show no: 280

From the episodes I have seen where Dave Mason hosted, he was the most bored looking person to ever have the honour (or he was trying to be arrogant and aloof and too good for Countdown, not sure which). He made Glenn Shorrock hosting Rock Arena look good. Check him out on the 31/8/81 or 23/10/83 episodes.

The Church - Unguarded Moment live is the pick of the performances but that is already on the Wonder Years DVD. The Reels were also shown doing Shout And Deliver on VH1. Talking Heads and Kim Wilde are common clips and I wouldn't have picked you as a fan of The Innocents or The Sports (or Stevie Wonder for that matter).

So did you request this because of Linda George and Cheetah live or for the Kiki Dee video?

It would probably be an OK show to watch, I for one would be happy to see it, but it is also from just prior to the new romantic period when we saw Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Classix Nouveaux, Adam & The Ants, Ultravox, Visage etc appear, I would have picked that as more likely to have been your thing.

Well done if you have indeed influenced the people at rage.

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

The list sounds reasonable - as long as none have been aired before.

Looking at it again, there's 3 Countdowns, Recovery, Hitscene, a GTK segment and some Gerry Rafferty clips.

Considering 3 Countdowns would be about 2hrs 40 mins duration altogether, plus 3 hrs of Recovery (if played in its entirety) plus 30 mins of Hitscene plus 10 mins of GTK and various clips that should take everything thru from its start time of 12 midnight - 6.30 am.

Hopefully they'll play the Countdowns in full as I wouldn't put it past them to edit them as they've done before. Call me paranoid (who me?) but with the current Rage programmers they're liable to do anything.....

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

@ Guru,

I wanted the 1981 episode for "SHout ANd Deliver" live in the studio :-)

I want as MUCH 1981 as possible!!!

That Linda George "Telephone Lines" intrigued me as well!

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

As far as the NEw ROmantic heaven rage played THE MAJOR New ROmantic 1982 episode for me in 2007 with CLassix Nouveaux, Duran, John Foxx and Adam Ant interview....

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

Jason, I'm sure you won't be very excited about Uncanny-X-Men? From memory I remember you saying once you can't stand Mannix? Any particular reason? I saw him live with the 80's revival concert, and he was a bit of an idiot with some inappropriate comments - however Scott Carne and Dale Ryder were excellent. My wife walked away from the concert rather disappointed with Mannix and isn't as much of a fan of him as she once was due to his foul mouth.

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

Well I hope we do get that 1981 episode as it has 6 live studio performances, I couldn't find any other episodes that mentioned Stevie Wonder interviews. I just hope Dave cheers up a bit in his hosting role, he virtually killed one episode by looking like he wished he was somewhere else.

Cheetah were very underrated as well and I haven't seen them perform that track. Haven't seen The Innocents or Linda George songs either, so good to get a Countdown with a few rarities on it. Even Shout & Deliver will be better than the VH1 version as it will have less visual interference.

Just have to hope that Uncanny X-Men is not a repeat episode. I know Brian can divide some audiences but he was always superb when hosting Countdown and appearing on Sounds or Hey Hey segments. It didn't actually say it was an X-Men hosted episode so at this stage until more info appears it could be any one of about 10 episodes, most likely a 1985 or 1986 show as that was when they were on most.

Very annoyed that they are contemplating repeating another 70's Countdown, the 67th time one of the surviving 46 70's episode has aired (which makes 21 repeats now) - they don't seem to have any regard for loyal viewers and respond to those bleating occasional viewers who say they want to see a 70's episode. One mentioned that he hadn't seen Promises - Baby It's You on a Countdown when 3 episodes have been aired with that and on top of that, that clip has been shown 10 times in the last decade or so, most recently just 6 months ago - yet Rage listen to these peanuts.

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

I saw the footage of a colour promo film clip by William Shakespeare on Long Way To The Top documentary and I don't know what's the name of his song and also, what's happened to Gerry Rafferty?

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

guru bob
Well I hope we do get that 1981 episode as it has 6 live studio performances, I couldn't find any other episodes that mentioned Stevie Wonder interviews.

@ Guru, this is WHY I requested this episode. because it had LOT'S of OZ 1981 content. And because I wanted The Reels "Shout & Deliver" in the C.DOwn studio and I figured I would NEVER know who the girl Linda George is in the studio doing Telephone Lines".... I think I choose pretty good this year again :-)

Hopefully I am NOT disapointed by Linda George (he he)

Re: Retro Week 2 Rage blurb

Linda George was actually a bit of a star around 1973-75 with numerous chart songs, although I am not familiar with them.

I do remember that she did a duet with Paul McKay in 1980 - Love Is Enough - as it was in the 3XY charts for a little while. I have never heard this song from 1981, I suspect it may be more along the lines of easy listening, but I will have to wait and see.

She was actually on the first Countdown episode hosted by John Farnham and was also on the one with Marty Rhone.