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Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Let me just say, I recorded the Pseudo Echo performance os "Stranger In Me" from my Foxtel IQ in 16.9 as the original 4.3 wstreched during Pseudo Echo for some stuffed up reason!

THis in fact was a blessing :-) YES! ... a blessing!

COuntdown in 16.9 on the IQ makes the ABC1 Logo go ridiculously small and skinny and looks SOOOOO much better!

How utterly bizzare

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Hi Jason

I thought any old shows (4.3) converted in 16.9 would give you the black vertical bars on each side of the picture. On my Foxtel box, I set up the programming to 4.3 ('setup' button on the remote) when I want to record old shows off Fox and keep it at the 16.9 for current programs. Obviously Foxtel IQ is different?

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Must be different as on my IQ I can change the settings from 4.3 to 16.9. I changed it to 16.9 on my rage recorded Saturday night and when I changed the streched Pseudo Echo in 4.3 to 16.9 it came full screen and looking normal.

Want me to send u a copy so u can see what it looks like?

I was very impressed indeed!

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

yeah sure, why not. A copy of the whole episode or just 'Stranger In Me'?

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Just 'Stranger In Me' as it was only in 16.9 in that 6 minute area when Pseudo were on. Just so you can see how it came up in the IQ during this period ...

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Jason, what you describe would be how the image appears on a 4:3 TV set, which I'm guessing you're watching it on given your dislike for widescreen (which I share).

Anyway, if you view that IQ recorded footage on a widescreen TV, it will fill the whole (wide)screen, so still won't be displayed correctly.

My set top box (which I view on a 4:3 TV) has the settings 4:3, letterboxed 4:3 (which I use wherever possible to capture 'fake' widescreen clips from the 80s/90s, so they display correctly [unless 14:9 or 15:9] as they were originally intended), and 16:9.

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

I have a big TV and it looks gorgeous on it. It's not massive but biggish.

I knew that when they streched PSeudo out that if I changed to 16.9 it would work.

All this crap does my head in,...

"This kind of modern life, is it for me?"

As Madonna said!

The answer is NOT !!! ... Take me back to 1981 to 1986 and let it just repeat OVER and OVER!

Re: Countdown in 16.9 on IQ Box

Jason at the American Life quote... I had forgotten about that. And yes, all the ratio issues are a pain.