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Boring/predictable/common as muck music videos aired between Countdown Episodes

:( I see Rage are at it again, playing videos from the Countdown top 10 in between episodes. :( :( :( I hated this format last retro month, and it looks like they're going to do it again. I just posted this on the Rage forum:

I see on this weekend's playlist, after the first Countdown:

GENGHIS KHAN Moscow (Independent)
DIANA ROSS Upside Down (EMI)
THE B-52S Private Idaho (Warner)

I hope Rage aren't going to program videos from the Countdown top 10 in between episodes this year, as was done last retro season, for the following reasons:

1. Usually the videos are common as muck/easy to obtain elsewhere, as they were big hits.

2. If Countdown episodes from the same year are aired during retro month, this can result in repeated clips being played in between episodes (e.g. Joe Jackson's 'Real Men' which aired between Countdowns on consecutive weeks during Jan 2010).

3. Often these videos have appeared on recent(-ish) playlists. In the example above, Ghenghis Khan was aired on 9/8/2008 on the Rage Gets Sweaty special in August 2008, Diana Ross's Upside Down aired twice during January 2009, and B-52's 'Private Idaho' aired during October and December 2009!

This is NOT what us retro enthusiasts want to see during Retro month! How about digging out some RARE videos/clips that have not been played on Rage in aeons instead?

Re: Boring/predictable/common as muck music videos aired between Countdown Episodes

Geeez, what have I missed. You must be refering to Pay TV (something like music max) when talking about these videos being as common as muck. Admitfully I did see the Diana Ross video about eighteen months ago on rage, but as for the B52's and Ghengis Khan, I must of missed those two, so yeah, I'm actually looking forward to taping these videos.

I can see where you're coming from with last years airing of a 1982 countdown show, which contained real men by Joe Jackson. I guess when it is shown in countdown, it is often abridged or cut, with Gavin wood or molly talking over some part of it, so it is nice to get a clean copy of the video on the repeat.

I actually have no problem with them playing out the top ten after a countdown. Apologies for a different opinion, but I like it when a whole heap of videos are shown from a similar time frame.

Re: Boring/predictable/common as muck music videos aired between Countdown Episodes

^ Rage aired the Joe Jackson 'Real Men' video themselves (i.e. it wasn't part of the Countdown episode) on 2 consecutive weeks last January.