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Watermarking - to sensitive for the ABC Rage mods, so I'll post it here

Last night I read one of the posts in the Watermarking section of the Rage discussion board. There was a thread noting that ABC was violating it's charter, in regards to the watermark spoiling the presentation of the video clips. Some were noting how they should get in touch with there local MP, and the ABC board, but I added this suggestion as it was either added before and modded out, or just totally over looked. by verbatim, this is what I added:

"If talking to the ABC gets no response, no luck with any ABC advisory boards, nor the ACMA, may I suggest an ombudsman? Would it be the communication or broadcasting ombudsman? I know when I rang the telecommunications ombudsman, that my telco had to come back to me with not only a response, but a satisfactory offer to resolve any issue I'm having. So again, let's pull out the ombudsman, and get this ABC board answerable to someone, we are paying them our tax dollars, they are there to serve us. "

I posted it about 18 hours ago, and still not added to the forum. hummmm? But yeah, lets look into an ombudsman, perhaps a different avenue of attack?

Re: Watermarking - to sensitive for the ABC Rage mods, so I'll post it here

Hi Mark,

Were there any other messages since Friday 24th? I'm guessing that if it's been 18 hours since you posted, the monday and tuesday this week being public holidays no one would be there to moderate. Usually the info for retro month week 1 would already be up also.

If there's nothing by the end of the week then I guess it's safe to assume they're ignoring that post which is pretty stupid of them to do so.

(Edit: Changed 'been' to 'being')

Re: Watermarking - to sensitive for the ABC Rage mods, so I'll post it here

Frank, you could be right, but I just find it strange how the rage discussion board is so heavily moderated, well that's what my friend said to me on skype last night.

He is also very mad at the watermarking and notes that we're most probably fighting a loosing battle, but I beg to differ from his opinion. It is hard to believe that we'll never see watermark free video's again, this must be a nightmare that I hope will come to an end. :(

Re: Watermarking - to sensitive for the ABC Rage mods, so I'll post it here

Contact the ACMA.Complain to ABC complaints.Get as many people as you can to do so it can only help the cause.

The ABC are going against its own charter.Read all about the watermark issue on the rage forum.

I have been involved with this issue since the beginning.

Various messages about the watermark are never printed.Especially if one mentions that people could contact the producer of Rage(Cath Earl) to find out what the status of the watermark issue is.

But the message you wrote was most likely not printed yet as it it a public holiday.Give it a few days then check....

But keep complaining dont relent....find as many people as you can to bombard the RAGE forums with complaints about the watermark.

The watermark is absolute visual polution.