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Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Hey all,

I am BACK int he swing of interviewing and it has been confirmed that I will be interviewing Chris Doheny of Geisha in the next few weeks.

I have a bunch of questions for him BUT as loyal supporters of countdownmemories as all you guys, if any questions you want added just let us know here

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Chris is a great guy, I have seen a number of Geisha's recent shows and they sound good, particularly now that they are playing shows again as a full band with the original sound as they had done a few acoustic shows - they were also good but I prefer the original 80's sound. Chris is the only original member left though.

Geisha are performing this Friday with Dragon:

The Sandbelt Hotel
Cnr South & Bignall Rd
Moorabbin, VIC
Dinner & Show $65*
Show only $30*
(*plus booking fee)

Bookings through the venue:
Phone: 03 9555 6899

I could probably list 100 questions that you could ask. When is the interview due to take place?

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Date has not been confirmed yet, we arer working on a date to suit us both *

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

I am very LUCKY I caught Geisha back in 1998/1999 when they reformed for gigs with the original line up and original proper Geisha sound, phew!

They were absolutely DYNAMIC!!!!!!!!!

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

It was good to see that there albums came on out on CD a few years back.

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Chris will be on Triple M today at 1PM talking to Lee Simon on his Rock Of Ages show discussing all things Geisha.

Lee was of course the host of the pioneer late night TV music show Nightmoves.

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *


Have you ever interviewed any of the Countdown Dancers?

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *


Have you ever interviewed any of the Countdown Dancers?

NO, I have NOT!

I wouldn't have a clue where to begin on finding any of them!!!

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Some of them were quite hot after all and they might given an interesting insight into the behind the scenes activity of the show???

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

Weren't they from the Tony Bartuccio (however you spell that) dance group. I only seem to remember them from 1979, how many years were they there for?

Re: Chris Doheny (Geisha) Interview *

I know we're spiralling way off topic here - I'm sure the Geisha interview will be fantastic to read - but interviewing some of the Countdown dancers would be a great idea.

I'm unsure how long the Tony Bartuccio dancers were on the show, but dancers in general were on it all the way through.

The earliest example I can see is from the 5 December 1976 ep hosted by JPY where specialised dancers groove to Nutbush City Limits at the start and another during a performance later on.

I don't think any dancers have been interviewed about their participation on it.....certainly would make for a good interview if one can be found.