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Tapestry had a single in June 1976 "Is it love?"
Their manager was Terry Blamey, who now manages Kylie Minogue.
A video clip was made of the band performing this song which was shown on Countdown.
They never appeared on the show live, which was unusual.
Typically Countdown would have performers on the show live, before playing their video in later shows.

Does anyone have a copy, or know of anyone who has a copy of Tapestry's video clip?


Sadly Lioncrab this is right in the middle of a period when all Countdows were wiped. The Videotape masters are gone for all Countdowns from this year except two in December. The chances of anyone possessing this clip are minimal unfortunately.

I have checked my database with 28,000 music clips but no luck - this one does not appear either


Lioncrab - while the Countdown ep in question is gone to history, I emailed someone about the group and received some info on them:

"Yes, they were Aussie, from Melbourne. I vaguely recall them being on Countdown. I think they must have only had the one single 'Is It Love', on the Rainbird label in 1976. Sort of soft rock, that West Coast harmony sound.

In Chris Spencer's Who's Who of Australian Rock he's listed the band members as being: Mick Moss (vocals), Gus Johnson (guitar), Gary Baker (keyboards), Scott Taylor (bass) and Ian Bull (drums).

Here's some other interesting trivia, about the Rainbird label. It was started by former 60s pop star Jon Blanchfield in 1976 and only issued three albums (Lobby Loyde Obsecration, Colored Balls First Supper Last and Bandicoot Bandicoot) plus a handful of singles (including Tapestry, and one by Normie Rowe!) before the label went into receivership and all masters seized."

If you or anyone else wants some info on bands of that early era I recommend this site:


Hopefully somehow some more early Countdowns may surface - one should always live in hope!


Brett, is any other Australian and overseas film/video music clips were existed after being shown on lost episodes of Countdown before which it's before moving to later music video shows?


Hi Nicholas

There are many, many surviving video clips which were shown originally on lost episodes of Countdown but still exist due to their retention for other music shows or sources – as the clips were not made especially for Countdown of course. The list is too long but many are official company clips, plus the full set of clips of artists such as Abba (which have been officially released), and the use of promo clips on many UK and European TV shows (Top of The Pops etc).

A good example is that the 1974 promo clips for Suzi Quatro (The Wild One), and John Denver (Annies Song) which would have been the same as the ones shown on the missing 1974 Countdown shows exist to this day due to their use on German TV (Suzi Quatro) and 1974 Top Of The Pops (John Denver). This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Many rare 1975 & 1976 promos screened at the time on Countdown have rarely been seen since – but exist in the ABC library due to them being shown on the series “Rock Relics” from 1986 – good examples are Fox “Single Bed”, Starland Vocal Band “Afternoon Delight”, Harpo “Movie Star” & Supercharge “You’ve Gotta Get Up And Dance”. It would be good if the ABC could screen the Rock Relics series again – a candidate for January 2011 for sure except for that friggin watermark!!

Another very rare clip shown extensively on Countdown in 1976 is Billy Ocean “Love Really Hurts Without You” – no longer exists at the ABC but I have a 1980’s screening taped on videotape off Donnie Sutherlands Sounds in the mid 1980’s so the 7 network may well still possess this clip.