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Pseudo Echo touring

Pseudo Echo touring around Melbourne currently with original line-up. Probably not news to anyone as they have been back together for a little while with sold out shows in Adelaide back in April.

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

Yes I know,

BUT... when they say original line up I BET they mean James and Vince Leigh, if so THAT is NOT original line up so it would be FALSE advertising.

If it's Anthony Argirio and TOny Lugton then WOW, WOW, WOW!

Vince Leigh ruined PSeudo, he AIN'T no Anthony by ANY means! :-(

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

An original line up it is, but it is not the original line up from when the band formed. It is the post Argiro and Lugton line up with Brian, Pierre, James and Vince. Anyhow they are at the Sandbelt on Friday, Shoppingtown Hotel Friday week and York On Lilydale on Sept 4.

This happens a lot with bands that split. There are 3 Boney M bands doing the rounds and I think 3 The Sweet bands as well, each with an original member.

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

Technically The Leigh brothers is the 2nd line up and not the Original line up, so it actually is false advertising. the first proper line up is my FAVOURITE period.

Anyhow, Brian Canham put me on the door for the Dandenong show next Friday, YAY!

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

"This happens a lot with bands that split. There are 3 Boney M bands doing the rounds and I think 3 The Sweet bands as well, each with an original member."

Hi guru bob,
There are only 2 Sweet bands doing the rounds as sadly there are only two members of the Sweet still alive.
Andy Scott's Sweet regularly tours around the UK and quite often comes to Australia. He was the dark haired lead guitarist of the original Sweet.

Steve Priest's Sweet regularly tours around the US where he now lives. He was the auburn haired bass guitarist with the original Sweet.

Very sadly,Brian Connolly, the blonde haired lead singer,died in 1997 of complications due to severe alcohol abuse and Mick Tucker, the drummer, died in 2002 of cancer.

Brian did tour around the UK with Brian Connolly's Sweet after the original Sweet broke up until he became too sick to perform anymore.

Reformed bands are very often pale imitations and poor substitutes for the original. Sometimes I wonder why they bother and suspect it's merely a money-making venture as they try to cash in on the original band's name and success....

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

Although it's always preferable to have the original members of the group performing, it's often the name of the group which usually pulls in the audience.

There are also 2 versions of Bucks Fizz around the place - both fronted by the former male singers of the original group.

As for Pseudo Echo - they are a great live band with Brian's vocals always a pleasure to listen to.

No doubt the audience should get value for money with their great songs and performance style.

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

Ultimately I see Pseudo Echo as Brian's band and whoever he wants in the line up is fine by me as they were all there back in the 80's and it is not just Brian fronting a band called Pseudo Echo and with a whole bunch of session musicians filling in - that would be wrong in my view. I think it would be unlikely that the original group would get back together considering why they left and I have no issue with Pseudo version 2.

CJ, What did Vince Leigh do to ruin the band? I don't know enough about the intricacies of the band to be aware of what Vince did. I hope it wasn't too bad as to destroy any memories I have of them - if it is then maybe best not to let me know.

It is better to see Brian heading this band rather than fronting up on Absolutely 80's. He is a great guy who is still keen to meet his fans.

Still it is a lot better than it would be watching LRB performing with no original members. Stephen Housden, who joined them in 1981, ended up being a shrewd business man and took control of the band's name. Now Shorrock, Goble and Birtles can't even perform as LRB even though they were the main drive behind it.

I guess that's what the retro rock scene is now. A bit of a cash grab and some distorted memories.

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

I am just more of an Anthony Argirio guy.

it's quite interesting as yes, Anthony left after DOn't Go was a single BUT he played ont he whole Love and Adventure album ad his picture is on the back of the album!

So with the video's "Love an Adventure" and "Living In A Dream". It's interesting seeing Vince mime Anthony's drums in the video.

I don't really like Vince's technique of srumming, Anthony was a FANTASTIC drummer and a Fashionable creature, he is BRILLIANT!

Anyhow, seeing Anthony drum with Pseudo again live would be a DREAM for me!

I am lookingh forward to the gig even though i have seen them HEAPS and HEAPS of times.

It's great knowing Brian as well as getting my name on the door is ALWAYS FAB, saves me cash!

Brian's voice NEVER changes live, which is AMAZING. He always sounds a COMPLETE dream!

A concert with Pseudo AND I'm Talking WOULD BE LIKE AN 80'S oz DREAM FOR ME! My 2 fav oz BANDS!

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

@ Christina... Sad to hear that Brian Connolly died. Brilliant voice! Bless him, R.I.P

And at Guru, seeing Vince in the band isn't terrible BUT I just have a PROBLEM when promoters indicate it's the ORIGINAL Pseudo Echo line up when it actually isn't!

It's like saying oringinal line up for Culture CLub with no Jon Moss or original line up for Duran Duran with no Roger Taylor.

Actually, in 2007 2 members of Culture Club had a band called Culture Dub! It was another lead vocalist instead of Boy george and he looked just like MArilyn! And another guuitar player instead of Roy Hay. It was a terrible bussiness! But at least it wasn't called Culture Club, PHEW!

It just doesn't work. Would have liked it to said PSeudo Echo with the Leigh brothers, I am one for accuracy I'm afraid !

Re: Pseudo Echo touring

"@ Christina... Sad to hear that Brian Connolly died. Brilliant voice! Bless him, R.I.P "

Yes, Jason... So very sad, especially looking at footage of him in his last few years - he just looked so terribly ill, with constant tremors wracking his body...he was just a miserable shell of his former self.
Brian had the voice and face of an angel... gone way too soon ...what a terrible waste...