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Thanks to rage, they turned a GREAT memory back to a reality!

WOW, seeing the March 1984 Countdown episode of Countdown transfered me waaaaaay back to my parents lounge room in 1984 when I FIRST saw Madonna on television with Holiday!

I remember the clip to Industry with the sailors in the background and Madonna coming on out of the blue with Holiday and asking my sister and myself "WOW, who is she"?????

Same with the June 1984 Episode when I remember seeing Borderline premiered on Countdown and being dissapointed that Madonna didn't release "Physical Attraction" instead and being glued to the TV when Pseudo Echo were performing!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The good old days +

I am all so nostalgic after those 2 Countdown episodes I remembered watching parts of in 1984.

I want a time machine....


The Madonna 25/3/84 ep was great.

As I mentioned elsewhere i believe this featured the first video or mention of Madonna on Countdown - certainly from this point on Madonna was never far away from the show - pity she never hosted it!

While on this topic - I read in the booklet for one of the Countdown Wonder Years dvd sets about a claim that Countdown was the first show to give Madonna her first No. 1 anywhere in the world - is this a fact or hype?

As for remembering watching the show when it first aired - I can relate totally! Some of my earliest memories are of watching Countdown with the family way back in about 77/78 - from episodes which probably no longer exist which is a shame - although I'm glad most of the 80's ones do as watching them now literally only feels like I saw them yesterday - a scary thought!


That's one of the wonderful things about Countdown. It brings up all kinds of memories of watching it with family etc. Back then the whole family and whoever was over would all watch Countdown- how many music shows these days can you say the same?

Speaking of the first time Madonna was on..reminds me of the time my sister and I first caught a glimpse of Duran Duran in Planet Earth and we just laughed at all the frilly shirts and whatnot. Of course it wasn't long before we were huge fans!


Australia was the first country to give Madonna a No.1 single with 'Like A Virgin', but I often see people citing it as Molly and Countdown giving Madonna her first No.1 with 'Holiday' - this song did not go to No.1 - I think it just made the National Top 5.


Like a Virgin was most certainly a No1 in Australia.

I have the Kent Music report book 1970-92.

Angel/Into the Groove and Crazy for You were also No1 songs in 1985.