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Murphy's Law

Last week it was Roland S Howard. This week the Hopman Cup ran over and all programming has been set back 30 minutes.

I can guess (well actually I know) where they will chop those 30 minutes from to get back on schedule. Thank god Countdown is at least 55 minutes so it won't be that. I just hope they remove 30 minutes of those Top 10 clips and not Music Around Us. We will have to wait and see.

Re: Murphy's Law

Music Around Us had better NOT be cut out!

Or the ABC will know about it!

Re: Murphy's Law

They'll probably just drop the last half hour of clips (PSEUDO ECHO, QUEEN, CYNDI LAUPER, DURAN DURAN and LIONEL RICHIE).

Re: Murphy's Law

No, they've just cut in halfway through the GangGajang on Rock Arena. This is available on DVD anyway, so no sleep lost.

Re: Murphy's Law

I despise how sport takes over everything in this country, even on the ABC! Though I'm not a Ganggajang fan, so thankfully they didn't cut anything I was dying to see.

Re: Murphy's Law

My sentiments exactly Nathan-I hate sport with such a passion and I'm sick & tired of music always being the casulty when it comes to sporting events like the Hopman's Cup outstaying their welcome.

Re: Murphy's Law

Sports unfortunately will ALWAYS come before MUSIC in thsi country.

Very dissapointing that rage cut off Rock Arena. I don't see why rage could not have ran over time like everything else before it.

I am not a huge Gangajang fan but that isn't the point.

Would have liked to see Suzanne open the show and see Sade as well...

Re: Murphy's Law

Totally agree with all sentiments in here. God, I loathe this countrys obession with puerile garbage like tennis!!

And the Hopman cup - what the f**k is that? Who has ever heard of it or even cares for that matter. All I know is, we got a butchered version of Nightmoves.

Rage would have been better off dropping some of those often-repeated clips - such as the last 1/2 hour. I don't think Rage people have any say in what gets cut though - the programming schedulers on the day just cut whatever they feel like to make up the time. As usual, older music fans get the short shift while garbage like sport is the god in this country!! Welcome to Australia.

Re: Murphy's Law


It's so crap. Sport SUX

Re: Murphy's Law

John & Brett (2), you said exactly what I was thinking (though I tried to be 'nice' when I posted). I would rather watch paint dry than sport.

$hit, I forgot that Sade was on that Rock Arena episode - would have liked to see that.

I remember Rage would often start late around October '97 on a Friday night, and the first 30-60 mins of new releases would often get cut. I remember having to wait until the second week of its release to finally see Bjork's 'Joga' video because of it. I think when Rage gets delayed they automatically just chop the start of the program.

Re: Murphy's Law

We got the Sade video here in Brisbane.

Re: Murphy's Law

I was thinking the late start was due to the many power blackouts in Adelaide last night. They could have cut Thriller. That would have saved them 15 minutes straight away. It's not like we haven't seen it in ages. The beginning of Come Said The Boy and a large chunk of The Goonies R Good Enough were missing too.

Re: Murphy's Law

The more I think about it, I suppose we should be grateful that it was only the Rock Arena Gangajang special that got cut in half to accommodate the altered scheduling, rather than a Countdown.

So, in a way, it was a blessing that Countdown was NOT scheduled first last night - imagine if they cut the March 84 episode in half!! It would have certainly happened if it had been first up on the playlist. Whew!!

And how good were the three Countdowns - all fantastic choices of episodes!! Well done guys in here as I am sure you had something to do with it!!And I loved the cheesy Flashez show as well - classic stuff!! Given they have run out of 70's Countdowns, Flashez is not such a bad choice - and it only runs 1/2 an hour!!

Re: Murphy's Law

Yeah, was ****** about Rock Arena being cut, but it wasn't an episode I was hanging out for. We briefly saw Suzanne for 10 seconds at the end, closing the show.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with Sport esp. Rugby League. It's just Tennis and Cricket that can **** people off, as it often runs overtime, depending on the game/match and f@#ks up other TV programming.