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PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

I wonder if there is a way that rage could take my Pesudo Flicks compilation and put it in ther library?

Pseudo deserve a bit more of a tribute than the same rubbish rage played last year.

I really think that rage ONLY have Listening, Fooled Again and Funky Town in their library.

It is ridiculous to me, surely they need a copy of
A Beat For You?!!!!!

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

Surely they should have it. 'A Beat For You' was always played on 'Living in the 80's' on Max a couple of years ago. I'm sure if Max have it, rage would.

Jason, I don't know about rage taking your Pseudo Echo Flicks video compilation. I remember going back close to 10 years now and there use to be a show on Channel called 'Rewind' with host Maynard. Back then it was the only retro show on Pay TV. Their video library was very limited as Maynard would often mention and I wrote into them offering video clips for them to play and they politely said no with some very good reply as to why not. I can't recall the reply, but they wouldn't do it. Might be different these days and they might take your stuff and play it during future retro months - who knows?

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

YES, I remember Rewind. Before Channel V went CRAP...

It was a rather good show. That's weird that they wouldn't accept any of your video's, go figure.

I just think that Pseudo Echo deserve a bigger range of video's to be played to the masses who may not have seen A Beat For You video for decades.

I guess most of us here are HARDCORE so I guess we are a lot more fussy and passionate than the average rage viewer...

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

I remember when Maynard had Brian Canham on that program as a guest, interviewing him, and played quite a few of the rarer clips including Dancing Until Midnight, as well as the Y2K version of Funkytown.

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

Yes, I can't believe Rage are repeating the exact same 3 videos they aired last retro month . And playing such common videos as Girls Just Want To Have Fun again instead of something rarer. So much for taking note of the many ideas/suggestions for retro clips on the forum . Sometimes they really have no idea...

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

The mod did mention a few months ago that they were taking note of every request/suggestion on the messageboard.
So it's puzzling why they persist with playing the same old clips time after time- such a waste....

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

Exactly Christina, they were talking out of their a*se again ... or the mod who posted that is on annual leave.

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

Hey Ceej,
Please do offer rage your Pseudo Echo clips.
You never know, they could accept.
I'd love to see a PE special and be able to back up my most treasured possession.

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

I have a feeling that rage are going to continue with this ridiculous following Top Ten's from Countdown episodes with the most predictable and yawn like clips in between. What a GREAT pity!

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage

I thought Psuedo Echo lost their way, when they changed their musical style to a hard/soft rock sound.

I always thought Brian Canham was trying to be Van Halen or something.

Re: PSEUDO ECHO video selection at rage


For sure. I agree and so does Brian actually.

When i interviewed him I got deeply into this subject, yopu can read it under Exclusive Interviews on this website!