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Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

I am SOOOOOO excited to FINALLY get the OZ version video of Catch Me I'm Falling, well I hope!

Always liked the OZ mix better than the US mix. I hope the video they play on the March 25th Episode is the version I ADORE!

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

Well I'm not sure what versions you mean, I have only ever seen one version of this clip. And what an amazing clip it is. I have heard a longer version of the song on CD, if that's what you mean by "US mix".

Countdown played this clip twice - on 19 Feb and 25 March 84. My vague recollection is that the second playing was a little truncated but I guess we'll find out on Saturday!

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

It's the same video but a different mix. I hope the mix is the original OZ 7"... version. My friend has an old bad copy of it.

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

I have only seen the one version but hope that you are right Jason and there is a second one. The clip that will be shown on Countown would be a fairly early version as the single was only released a few months earlier just before Christmas 1983 so if there is an Oz version then this would be it.

If it is the version I am expecting then as long as they play the full intro to the clip with the black faces and fluro highlights I will be happy, love that rhythmic drum beat.

I was rapt when Rage played the episode which had QED - This One and then I came across the clip from a screening on Night Shift and there is about another 20 seconds to the clip before we see Jenny in the helicopter where they make it look like the start of a James Bond film.

A lot of clips got some harsh editing on Countdown but that did make the compact exciting shows that Countdown were.

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

I reckon the OZ version has so much more soul and feeling to it than the US remix. I know there is a video of the original OZ version because I saw it in the 80s and my friend has a ****ty copy. I SO want it to be that version on Sat!

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

And yes... though I ADORE Countdown. As far as video's go it was a compact show that had to fit as much as possible in 55 minutes which meant that video's suffered by getting cut. I hope the Jane Clifton video this Saturday is rather clean in the episode.

Good thing about Rock Arena las weekend was getting the FULL Beargarden video, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this weekend MORE Beargarden live in the studio!. I have this performance but mine is NO where near how nice and clear the repeat will be.

At this rate I will be able to make a BEargarden DVD!

I wish we could get Drink Drink Drink though, sigh....

Such an amazing track and video, ARGH!!!!!!!

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!


Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

I thought you might be happy with that Stu. I did put a vote in for the Dec 1 1985 episode on your behalf which you used to always ask for due to One Blind Love being on there but we will have to wait and see on that. Midge Ure hosting would also be good.

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

I also didn't realise there was an oz version of the video using the original Heartland & 7" 3:30 audio, just the 12" single U.S edit, although i have both on cd.

This Saturday nights episodes are awesome, cannot wait, will have to record both on the Foxtel iq HD as well as the HDD DVD recorder.

All i can hope for now is the Midge Ure host late 85 ep feat One Blind Love, now THAT is rare, and never been shown anywhere apart from that evening 25 years ago!!!

Re: Catch Me I'm Falling - FINALLY!

Ha! you just beat me to it guru...oh and MANY thanks for putting in the request.