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Complete Icehouse clip list

There's been a bit of discussion here about a possible complete Icehouse clip DVD being released this year (wouldn't that be orgasmic) but my question is - what constitutes the "complete" list? I'm sure the brains trust here can round it out.

My attempt is below, but in a June 2008 interview Iva Davies indicated there were "there are about 36 video clips" but I can only identify 31.

And by "clip" or "video" I mean a purpose-made short film used for promotional purposes for a studio recorded song. I do not include live performances, unless that performance was re-cut and synced to a studio recording.

Here's my Icehouse clip list in chronological order.

1. Can’t Help Myself
2. We Can Get Together (version 1 - "animated" version)
3. We Can Get Together (version 2 - "live" version)
4. Walls
5. Icehouse
6. Love In Motion
7. Great Southern Land
8. Hey Little Girl
9. Glam
10. Street Cafe
11. Taking The Town
12. Don’t Believe Anymore
13. Dusty Pages
14. No Promises (version 1 - "suspended" version)
15. No Promises (version 2 - "driving" US version)
16. Baby You’re So Strange
17. Mr. Big
18. Cross The Border
19. Crazy (version 1 - "junkyard" version)
20. Crazy (version 2 - "DJ" US version)
21. Electric Blue
22. My Obsession
23. Man Of Colours
24. Touch The Fire
25. Great Southern Land '89
26. Big Fun
27. Miss Devine
28. Anything Is Possible
29. Love In Motion '92 (remix version with Chrissie Amphlett)
30. Satellite
31. Big Wheel

So - what have I missed?

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

Hi Clip Magnet
Was there a clip for the 4th Single from the 'Code Blue' album called "Where the River Meets the Sea"?

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

No video was made for Where The River Meets The Sea, unfortunately. Great song though!

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

Can you tell me when Icehouse are going to make a DVD with all their videos, live performances, extra bits and pieces,etc. which it was a best-of/greatest hits/complication DVD?

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

I don't know if this fits into the listing. But there was music clip to 'Razorback'. It was just a collection of highlights from the film with the main theme playing. It went for about 4 minutes. Sorry, no appearances by Iva in it.

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

Some official clips are only live performances such as Sister which appears on both Great Southern Land and Masterfile.

Nothing Too Serious was also only a live clip as this appears on the Hit Pix II video from 1988.

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

I remember that there are 2 different edits of the 'Taking the town' music clip.

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

Well there is a couple of extra videos missing in clipmagnets list

I have 2 versions of Don't Believe Anymore

I have also 2 versions of Great Southern Land. One is just Great Southern Land and goes for 3min 23sec and the other version says Great Southern Land '82 on the video goes for 4min 58secs, must be closer to a 12"version I suppose. Plus there is Great Southern Land '89, so I suppose there are 3 versions.

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

I remember seeing a version of Great Southern Land on MTV which had scenes from Young Einstein cut into it

Re: Complete Icehouse clip list

It's a wonder that ABC haven't released on DVD the Iva Davies and Graheme Murphy filmed performance of 'Boxes'. I know it came out on Video some time ago, so it would be a candidate for a DVD/CD release.