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200th Show

Just a question. I've been looking through the archive to find out but I fear the worse: does the 200th show exist? I think Russell Morris countdown performance of Hot Love which we see being filmed was shown on the 8th of July and the 5th of August but I think these were repeats of the original recording (?).

Coffee time?

Re: 200th Show

Sorry guys I meant for this to go under the main thread for 2 Jan but pressed the wrong option. This is hardly worth starting another thread.

Re: 200th Show

The 200th show, July 1 1979, is one of the missing episodes which is why I had suggested this Sunday Spectrum. They probably would have played it anyway as they seem to be searching the archives for other material from the 70's which I really appreciate as I don't want to see any repeats.

It was interesting to see how it was made. The Countdown dancers routine for Donna Summer's Bad Girls was also shown on the August 26 1979 episode. The Flashez bit was also a good little sneak peak at footage that has been lost.

Re: 200th Show

So what's the deal with Flashez? Did episodes of this get wiped as well? How many were made and how many remain?

Re: 200th Show

Jase, around 450 eps of Flashez were made from 1976 - 77.

Due to the ABC's wiping of tapes only 6 remain - with all of them donated from various parties.

One would assume that since last night's doco concentrated on the 200th ep and the Weekend Magazine 1975 one looked at its 50th show that someone would have documented its 100th episode in 1977?

I know that episode has already been shown but I'd be surprised if a mini-doco wasn't made to mark that milestone. I'm sure there would have been several small segments made about Countdown over the years - whether they still exist or not is another matter entirely.........

Re: 200th Show

Thanx Patrick. 450 eps deleted. That is so tragic

Re: 200th Show

It's more then that it's downright criminal

Re: 200th Show

Thanks for that confirmation Guru.

Now I come to think of it I'm sure I've seen the Dragon footage in another 79 episode so that must have been a repeated clip as well.