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Why the **** r rage playing so much Nick Cave!

The rage list doesent have this much!


Pleasure Heads Must Burn is an entire 14 track concert that runs for about an hour. Every song sounds the same, it is just an hour of noise.

Looking at the run times I have a horrible feeling that they will butcher the Rock Arena to only show the Machinations.

I hope I am wrong but this could prove to be a disaster. If they do butcher a Rock Arena and play common MTV material like Come On Eileen then I may be forced to vent a spleen.


You know what,

I am thinking the same

rage will only play Machinations and I will SERIOUSLY complain like I have never done before if they do.

This is complete crap!

I want the whole Rock Arena, I havent asked for this Rock Arena every week for months for nothing!



Surely just 1 or 2 songs from that Birthday Party concert could have been played, the whole thing is overkill and anyhow, you can buy it on video - you can't get Beargarden, The Tribe or Scribble anywhere for love or money and now we may get stooged. We've waited years for this Rock Arena and now it could be about to come to nothing. The best bits of this Saturday night are the bits they could end up cutting.

That's why I lamented as to why these people have to die in January. The next hour will tell, hope like hell I am wrong.


I know,

I think a couple of songs would have been fine

This is MORE like a Nick Cave tribute

I agree Guru, the Beargarden Scribble and The Tribe are my highlights of the night.

I have a BAD feeling.

If rage cut the show off PLEASE back me up with SERIOUS complaints.

I will seriously ring them up and all if they cut it. There will be HELL to pay on their part, I tell you!

Enough is Enough!!!!!!!


When i saw the playlist just say Machinations live, I was worried yesterday.

BUT, in the Rage Goes Retro section it mentions the whole Australian Focus still YET the MArcia Hines performance that was listed is gone... hmmm


I will certainly back you up, in fact I may be leading the charge - you will have to back me up.

Words fail me at the moment - I haven't felt this empty on a Retro night. The Madonna special was extremely disappointing but I knew it was coming - I didn't consider they might butcher one of the best Rock Arena's ever.

I will wait until they actually show that Rock Arena footage just in case I am jumping to conclusions but if Suzanne and those clips have been axed the crew at Rage will be left with no doubt as to my opinions.

There is only a Countdown and 2 Euroglider songs between 1:30 and 3am which means there is half an hour extra room there, they may have just got the times mixed


Shocking...what an awful start to retro month. I am so deflated. I've been carrying on all week on facebbook about how awesome it is that retro month was starting tonight, had heaps of people whipped up in a frenzy about it...and now they're all saying what the f*u*c*k* is going on. I'm trying to convince them to keep watching. If what you are fearing does happen with the Rock Arena I will also be very angry and will certainly be complaining. This is just appalling. A tribute was warranted of course, but this is over the top and so badly planned. There will be a lot of very confused people right now. All the publicity that the ABC gets for retro month...lots of people watching...and they'll all be thinking WTF is this !

I usually try to be level headed with RAGE and the difficult balance they must struggle to find to please as many people as possible, but this is beyond the pale


Going by the Rage guide i thought Rock Arena would start at 11.30ish but now it seems more like 12ish.

No daylight saving in Bris so things are yet to kick off..not long to go though..for Nick Cave


I hate how revered Nick Cave and his ilk are by Rage. I like his duets with PJ Harvey & Kylie, and 'Into My Arms', and that's IT. An hour of this **** in place of retro shows/rare clips is depressing.

And yes, it's a VERY awful start to retro month. Even an episode of Recovery would be preferable, and that's bad!


Well that's an hour of my life I won't get back again.

Thank god the Rock Arena is not being butchered, they just mucked up the times in their playlist. I was worried after they edited a Countdown last year.

Over and out for the guru


Thank goodness, the full episode.

Typing while Rose Tatoo are one. Now for Beargarden!

Re: Noise

I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the Nick Cave material was bloody awful.

My wife uppped and went to bed shaking her head. No stamina!!!

Re: Noise

Hi everyone!
Once I found out about Rowland S Howard passing away yesterday morning,I had a feeling Rage were gonna interrupt Retro Month proceedings by playing some of his work as a tribute,especially The Boys Next Door/Birthday Party stuff.
Now,I've yet to watch what I got from last night/this morning.I've just finished looking at the comments on this last minute change Rage has done and it sounds to me like another unforgivable act like the Madonna special round this time in 2007.Hmm.....


Rage is probably programmed by JJJ/alternative music types these days. That is certainly the impression I get.

The likes of Stephanie Lewis etc are long gone.

I don't understand all the fuss over Nick Cave and his work, the 'long way to the top' series a few years ago was ruined by their obvious love for him also.


> Rage is probably programmed by JJJ/alternative music
> types these days. That is certainly the impression I
> get.

I thought it always has been... though at least over the last 2 years they've incorporated a little more 'pop'-based stuff.

I hope the Rage forum is flooded with complaints over this Nick Cave atrocity. Who on EARTH at Rage thought we'd rather see that than the usual retro line-up? It has to be the worst start to retro month ever.


What a pile of ****. Do people really listen to that crap? That was the most excruciating hour or so i have ever sat through.That is music to kill yourself to.


When Nick Cave starts singing Shivers for the Boys Next Door clip he starts off "I've been contemplating suicide...."

After sitting through the next hour of Rage I could understand what he meant, it was appearing to be a viable option there for a while.

I found myself looking for a blackboard so I could scrape my fingernails down it and start creating more pleasant sounds.


For God's sake- anyone would have thought it was Nick bloody Cave who died,not Rowland the guitarist!
He isn't hardly even shown in most of them anyway!
Considering poor old Mick Cocks,the Rose Tattoo guitarist who died just a few days before, only got a paltry 2 clips dedicated to his memory, the people at Rage are obviously biased....


What is even stranger in the Mick Cocks tribute was that the Rose Tattoo clip they played was Born To Be Wild from 1985. Mick had left Rose Tattoo in 1981 to join Heaven and so he doesn't even feature in the video.

Mick Cocks was with:
Rose Tattoo 1977-79
Headhunters 1980
Rose Tattoo 1980-81
Heaven 1981-1984
Headhunters 1988

I was happy to see the Headhunters clip as I had never seen any of their clips before but I am sure that real rocker will probably mention the Rose Tattoo slip on the Rage Messageboard


Yes, Real Rocker would no doubt be very concious of this glaring error and also most displeased at the obvious imbalance of the 2 "tributes"..


And what's more-look in the Rage message board,and you'll see the moderator refer to Mick Cocks as "Mick Combs"!


After what we got at the start of Rage last night,maybe the line in Nick The Stripper-"hideous to the eye",should be changed to "hideous to the ear"!


Maybe what we got to kick off Retro Month last night was Nick Cave's early version of Murder Ballads!


I didn't know what was going on with their programming on Sat night. I kept on ringing up the rage info line 3 times to see what was going on and if there were any last minute changes/updates. I guess it all worked out OK in the end.


Retro nights really need to start off with a bang ..eg "Singing In The 80's" was awesome a couple of years back.
Either go straight in with a Countdown/RA or a bunch of Countdown era videos.


Lol! You guys are funny! I am a huge Nick Cave fan but even I have to admit it was bloody silly showing all that crap. I didn't know of that rowland s howard guy but I figured it had something to do with him and his inconvenient demise.
Ms. Bowie and I sat here complaining about the god awful noise of The Dead Song and all of them (except for Shivers--at least he's cute in that one!)
Honestly, who the f*** would like that rot?


Rage censored/didn't publish my thread on the guestbook titled 'Did ONE person out there enjoy the Nick Cave onslaught?' I didn't use any 'language', and kept my wording quite moderate, other than saying I thought it was the worst start to retro month EVER. I stated that I enjoyed the rest of the show, however.

I guess they can't handle anyone not loving their Nick Cave $hit ... or (I like to think) they got flooded with so many complaints they didn't bother to publish any

Either way though, it disturbs me having my views censored on the forum


For some reason they are only slowly uploading the comments on to the Messageboard, it may well still make it.

The overall programming has been excellent so I will forgive the Rage crew for that. Ultimately we missed out on a bit of Funky Road (which I'm still curious about) and not the Rock Arena that we had been waiting for. I have refrained from anything negative on the Rage site.


"What is even stranger in the Mick Cocks tribute was that the Rose Tattoo clip they played was Born To Be Wild from 1985. Mick had left Rose Tattoo in 1981 to join Heaven and so he doesn't even feature in the video.

I was happy to see the Headhunters clip as I had never seen any of their clips before but I am sure that real rocker will probably mention the Rose Tattoo slip on the Rage Messageboard"

Yep, I notice RR did indeed pick up this error and mention it on the Rage Messageboard,as well as the mod referring to him as Mick Combs.
Good on you, RR....