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Eurogliders - Without You

I am hoping that rage do NOT just wack on the Countdown performance of "Without You". I am not going to be happy till I see the actual Music Video!

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Bloody Heaven (Must Be There) being played again, ARGH!

WOuld have rathered rage played "Groove", great song!

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

Yes Jason, Groove is certaily much better than Heaven and Hummingbird. What a droll song that Hummingbird is, that is not retro, it was out in 2006

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

I know!

Hummingbird is just going to put SUCH a damper on the whole retro theme.

Sometimes rage really DON'T get it at all, do they?!

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

I try not to be negative in my appraisal of the Retro programming as it would be impossible to please everyone entirely. There is always something that is a bit hard to understand how or why it is there.

We had been begging for Without You for the past 2 years and finally have it - well at least I hope we have the clip. To get it we have discussed Eurogliders a bit and the Rage crew have listened by giving us a great Countdown hosted by Eurogliders and Without You as well. I can't understand how Hummingbird from 2006 has gotten in or why Heaven is being repeated after we saw it less than 2 months ago but it is a small price to pay and I appreciate the efforts that this Rage crew go to. I assume they are all a fair bit younger than us, probably mid 20's, and they don't understand the 80's like we do as it was before their time.

I would prefer it to be all genuine Retro programming though with old TV music programs only. Keep one hour of Retro music clips for 10-11am and leave the night time to replaying the TV shows. Even if it has the same clips in it, it would be better to watch Eurogliders, Kids In The Kitchen and Icehouse (which had all been shown in 2009 anyhow) as part of a Countdown episode or featured on Rock Arena than just to play the clips. I would have far preferred another Countdown gets slotted in and an hour of those common clips not shown. There is so much in the ABC archives that it is a waste of the short retro window we have each year to waste in this manner - it looks more like a standard effort from MTV minus the logos.

I will still give this week a 9 out of 10 rating as there are no repeat episodes, they are playing 2 great Rock Arena's, 1 very good Countdown and the Sunday Spectrum that I had suggested. I would just deduct 1 point for showing common clips at the expense of another Rock Arena or Countdown.

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

We Will Together ..that's all i care about

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

Don't diss rage for playing Hummingbird. I quite like the song, and the fact is rage has never played it until now. From Jan 1998 to Sep 2009 rage had only played two Eurogliders clips:

Heaven (Must Be There) - 27 Jan 2007 and 25 Jan 2008
Can't Wait To See You - 25 Apr 2009

So rage has atoned this weekend

Re: Eurogliders - Without You

How about that. Rage play the clip on Saturday night then VH1 play the Countdown performance on Tuesday night.