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More updates

CJ, Now that you have done the Countdown Club newsletters are you going to update the magazines, annuals and Countdown In The Media sections. You only have 10 of the magazines pictured and are missing Rock 'n' Roll Royalty (1983) from the annuals section and there would be many items from Countdown In The Media (I have a copy of "What's On TV" from July 1984 which has Countdown on the cover. This was a free TV guide issued in the Brighton, McKinnon and Bentleigh area).

If you are missing any of the magazines I have a full set to January 1988 apart from the Aug 1987 issue so I can do scans of covers - I stopped collecting at that time but the magazine ran until 1991 from memory with Countdown Revolution.

Re: More updates


All in good time. Since I started this site back in 2003 or so it has had a complete face lift and many new editions have come about.

I really wanted to put the Countdown Club Mags up as they are the most RARE of the pieces, that is now ticked off my list. I am now working on the Rage Re Runs...

I do have the Rock Royalty Annual and yes, that is going to be put up eventually.

Re: More updates

Can u actually email me scans from this Whats On TV from 1984 to put to my Countdown media?

Re: More updates

If interested, I can scan you the cover of the Countdown Magazine - December '89 issue (with Roxette on the cover) and email it to you. I think this would be a good cover to have to cap of Countdown in the 80's. Even though the mag ran til '91, did we really care about Countdown in the 90's?? I think not!

Re: More updates

Thanks for the offer but this website is about sticking to the authentic Countdown years.

1989 and Roxette is Countdown Revolution to me, but thanks for your thoughts anyway.

Re: More updates

No probs. - always willing to help.

Re: More updates

Thank You Kindly Michael