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With ABC3 being lauched last Friday, I just want to say how ****** I am that another ABC channel is devoted to kids programs. **** me! how many shows do kids need to watch? - along with all the other kids programs on Foxtel. Once again, ABC3 would have been a great channel to show some old music programs (Countdown being one of them) plus much more entertaining programs.

Re: ABC3

I know Michael, absolute F@#KERS!

Re: ABC3

Aren't people always complaining about kids watching too much TV?Giving them another channel's not gonna solve the problem.

Re: ABC3

It's complete crap.

ABC NEED to have a channel devoted to theit AMAZING Music Arhives like Countdown, Rock Arena, Beat Box, Flashez e.t.c...

Kids these days have enough technology to keep them bloody occupied. It is nutterly ridiculous, but hey.... What do ya do, nothing!

Re: ABC3

and I can't believe that the station closes from 9pm-6am!?!?!?. This would be a perfect time to show material from their archives.

Re: ABC3

I can understand it being a bit annoying for people like us, but there would be many families with kids that don't have the luxury of Foxtel like alot of us do, bit i think what Michael just said, why couldn't they turn it into a music channel and show archive Countdown's and other programs after 9pm until 6am every night? Kids tv all day, and cater for people like us during the night, would be a win / win.