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COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

Has anyone else been watching the 30 minute blocks of Countdown that vh1 have recently started showing each week night at 11pm ?

There have been some real gems in there. Last week they showed "Taxi Mary" which I was thrilled to finally capture...and they even showed a Daryl Somers peformance of a song called "Don't Want To Share Your Love" which was a real WTF moment...had to be seen to be believed. Daryl Somers on Countdown

vh1's weekend themed Countdown shows had become tired and predictable...but these 30 minute blocks each week night are just random performances...and there's been quite a few performances that to me look very rare. I would encourage anyone who has vh1 to start recording it each night

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

I have seen it advertised at that time, but like most have been thinking it's the same old stuff and brush it. But yeah, I'll give it another go and I'll have my finger on the record button.

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

DARN, I missed Taxi Mary!

I will start watching from tonight!!!!

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

I've got it Jason...rest assured you'll get it :)

Did the Duran dvd turn up BTW ? Should have...I sent it last week ?

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

YES, I was emant to email you. It did turn up!

I haven't watched it yet, been busy.

Did you want the RARE Duran video's like Perfect Day, Out Of My Mind e.t.c... still?

It was you that wanted them, yes?

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

I recorded Daryl with "Don't Want To Share Your Love" on VH1 back in 2007. He appeared twice in the studio with that track and another years later in 1985!

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

Was Daryl trying to re-heat a turkey of a song by doing it twice??

Seriously re: Taxi Mary. Which episode did they sing it live on? I've attempted to look thru the 1982 section of the site and cannot see where they would have sung it - any ideas?

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

I have the Countdown performances on VH1 on series link on the iq2, but so far they have repeated everything they had played the first time, and second, and 14th time etc.

I think i ended up with about 30 DVD's with about 16-18 clips on each when VH1 ran through them the first time, maybe i should actualy sit down and start watching them back!

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

Hi Patrick,
I asked this question too, many months ago after thoroughly checking out the archives page and to no avail. I am guessing that the live performance came from a Countdown Friday episode?

Re: COUNTDOWN on vh1 week nights

Well yes, speaking of Fridy Countdown shows. This is where Duran Duran performing "My Own Way" in the Countdown studio must have came from. As I have checked every 1982 Episode in the Archives and Duran aint there in the studio!...

Luckily I have a copy from someone's 1982 VHS in pretty good condition, I would still ACHE to see it on rage though!

I would LOVE rage to play a Friday show and the Countdown request shows, that would be SO FANTASTIC and NOSTALGIC!