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Russell Malcahy DVD

There's an interesting sounding DVD to be released looking at the career of 80's video clip director Russell Malcahy.

I found this on the Ezydvd website


And the blurb:

A look at the glittering career of Russell Mulcahy, whose pioneering videos included Duran Duran’s Rio, Queen’s It’s A Kind Of Magic and The Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star.

Despite creating some of the most ground-breaking and influential videos of the decade, Mulcahy confesses that most of his 400-odd videos were born out “organised chaos”. Mulcahy created some of the most iconic videos of the last century and a host of stars, including Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler, Gary Kemp and Mick Fleetwood, pay tribute to his undoubted talent.

1 Billy Joel - Allentown
2 Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
3 The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
4 Duran Duran - Rio
5 Duran Duran - Wild Boys
6 Elton John - I'm Still Standing
7 Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
8 Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
9 Queen - A Kind of Magic
10 Rod Stewart - Young Turks
11 Spandau Ballet - True
12 Spandau Ballet - Chant No.1
13 Culture Club - The War Song
14 Elton John - Elton's Song
15 Supertramp - It's Raining Again
16 Ultravox - Vienna
17 Ultravox - The Voice
18 Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Special Features:

30 minute documentary about the director
Extended interviews with the director and artists

Looks like one to grab when it's released on 3 Feb. 2010......

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Hi Patrick!
This DVD does indeed sound interesting,though I'm sure you're wishing there was 400 odd videos included rather than just 18 of them.
You've also surprised me-I honestly didn't know he made the likes of Video Killed The Radio Star,Young Turks and It's Raining Again(now THERE's a clip that hasn't been seen in a long time).It's like this new checkout job I've got at the moment-I'm learning something new every day!Thanks Patrick!

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

No worries John!

But that's got me thinking - even though I touched on it before in the Rage guestbook I might open a thread on asking them to get Russell Malcahy to program Rage.

Imagine what that would be like - brilliant! Rage could easily fill an entire night with his programming and his clips - pure 80's bliss!

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

If they can get Richard Lowenstein to guest program,why not Russell Mulcahy?The 80's would be hard to imagine without Russell Mulcahy's clips,if the truth be told.

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

I was a big fan of his music clips in the 80's. I still have 'The Tubes Video album' that he made back in 81.

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD


So excited till I saw the Playlist!

My FAVOURITE Russell Mulchay video is NOT on there being Classix Nouveaux with "Guilty"!!!!

I SOOOO want a nice STEREO HEAVENLY copy on DVD!

It's WAY better than Bette Davis Eyes!. It has REAL UK New Romantics in it unlike the fake US boring ones on the Kim Carnes video!!!!!!!!!

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

I too didn't know that Russell did Young Turks either!

I think that at least 20 videos could have made it!

Least Culture Club are on there...

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Yes I was a little disapointed by the playlist as well....which is exactly why I want him to program Rage which would at least show most of his videos after his programming.

It would be silly of Rage not to try and get him to do it - and I know a night dedicated to his videos would be FANTASTIC!

I've created a thread in the Rage messageboard so hopefully enough people will join in and create enough of a demand for Rage to take notice - here's hoping...

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

I would rather Russell's 'Tonight I'm Yours' music video for Rod Stewart, than 'Young Turks' OR Billy Joel's 'Pressure' music clip wich was also directed by Russell. Yes, i would like to see Classix's music video for 'Guilty' as well. He made so many clips back then and most of them were for English bands.

I forgot that i also have that concept Video album for 'Elton John's The Fox' album, which he directed as well

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

There are TOO many common video's on there!

Classix Nouveaux, The Tubes and shall I go on would be GREAT!

The Guilty video is SOOO Lavish, I am surprised it's not on there.

Bloody Billy Joel, EWWWW!

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Hi Brett!
Russell Mulcahy did Tonight I'm Yours and Pressure too!Might be wise for me to check the full list of his clips-don't know if I can take anymore shocks today!Pressure is one clip that's always freaked me out.

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Here's a link to a page ,that has a list of the music videos he directed.


He had many more than this.

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Can you tell me how many music videos by Australian singers and bands does Russell Mulchay directed and is any list of music videos by Australian singers and bands that Russell Mulchay directed are here?

Re: Russell Malcahy DVD

Russell Mulcahy also directed 'April Sun In Cuba' by Dragon and 'Jamaica Rum' by Ted Mulry Gang.