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Countdown Friday/Flipside

Having watched many a 1982/83 episode, there have been quite a lot of ads about Countdown Friday and Flipside.

I know there are a few of the Friday editions in the Rage archives - but do they all exist or only some?

As for Flipside - I'm assuming this was just another version of the Friday show or was it shown on another day - I can't remember that far back. Again does anyone know whether Flipside still exists in the archives?

How many editions of each were made and how many other Countdown 'side-projects' were there??

I'm in a very inquisitive mood today - seeing them listed has me curious!

Re: Countdown Friday/Flipside

Wasn't 'Flipside' where you could request a video to be played and you write it on the back of an envelope and post it to.... I remember in the mid 90's watching an episode from '82 or '83 and it said send your requests to....so for a bit of a laugh, I posted a request. Imagine the look on the faces of the poeple who now occupy that address. I know, I was being silly, but I wanted a laugh.

Re: Countdown Friday/Flipside

That was very devlish of you Michael - but amusing!

Yes I think you're right - Flipside was a request show - although I was wondering how long that and the Friday show went on for.

I'd also like to know how long the Saturday repeats lasted - the whole life of the show or just a few years? I remember it being repeated on a Saturday in the early 80's but not so during the later years...

Re: Countdown Friday/Flipside

Countdown Friday and Flipside were only short-lived - both were screened during 1982 and most of 1983 but were gone by the time 1984 came around. Countdown Friday doesn't seem to have very many surviving shows - one edition is listed as surviving in the database in the Countdown Yahoo group (as received from the ABC a number of years ago) whilst Flipside is not mentioned at all.

Fortunately I had a VCR back in 1982/83 and taped the Flipside request show a number of times. I kept all those tapes - must transfer them to DVD very soon. Some very rare clips never seen since from what I can remember.

Countdown Friday - a clips only show whereby a lot of material that could not be fitted onto the Sunday night show made it's appearance here instead.

Flipside - a request show. The persons name who made the request was usually flashed up on the screen during the clip from what I remember.

Re: Countdown Friday/Flipside

The Saturday repeats were a long-standing arrangement from the early years right through from what I remember. Don't think the last few years had them though I may be wrong.

Re: Countdown Friday/Flipside

Thanks for that info Brett - very interesting.

As you mentioned there doesn't seem to be many eps of Countdown Friday at all and none of Flipside which is a shame. Obviously both must have suffered from the infamous wiping practice.....or perhaps lost in the dark archives.

I definately recall the Saturday repeats from the late 70s' - early 80's but not so much in the latter years so I would presume they were stopped at some point.