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Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I'm looking forward to the 70's Ausmusic special on 7th Novemeber and the 80's Ausmusic special on 14th November on rage. Hope you've been requesting some rare Oz music videos for the 80's special. The 70's will be good too - I am guessing quite a few studio performances from Countdown as promo videos weren't too popular or around then, unless they play a lot of vids from '77-'79.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I'd imagine the Countdown segment tapes will be used a fair bit for the 70's special.

What I'd like to see in both specials are more bits from Countdown with Molly interviewing various Aussie acts.

It goes without saying that had the show not been around in the 70s/80s the local scene would have been in a poorer state.

Presumably moments from Hitscene and GTK will be used for the times from 1970 - 75 with Countdown for the rest.

For the 80's special maybe some segments from Rock Arena could be used - or an airing of an all 'Aussie bands' Rock Arena episode if there is one?

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Mental As Anything are guest programming the 80's special. So I guess it's their choices of 80's songs - seems a bit strange, why isn't 'rage' programming this special? Don't know what picks the Mentals will go with, but hopefully obscure/rare 80's vids. I can't see them going too commercial and picking all the same old same old 80's tunes. Hopefully they don't use up valuable programming time showing a mini special on the Mentals, cause for us Mentals fans, we already have the essential DVD that was released about a year ago. But yeah, Aussie Rock Arena specials would be good. I think there is one that Jason & Guru have been hassling them to show for a couple of years.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

No doubt Rage will be programming a playlist of Aus. 80s bands/artists after the Mentals GP-really hope they select some of the more obscure ones rather than be lazy and go with the same old,obvious choices!!

A shame it will be a lot shorter than the 70s special the week before, especially if they have an extensive Mentals mini-special.

Would have thought they could have had a Guest Programmer on from a 70s band/artist that's still around for their 70s special! But guess there wouldn't be too many of those left these days!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I have requested a list of OZ 80s videos I want to see on this night. Obviously rage are having there AUS 80s special after The mentals program. A bit of a pity that the 70s gets a whole night and the 80s gets a special AFTER The Mentals!... Anyway's.

My listof requests went through the Messageboard at rage, so hopefully they pay some attention!

PLEASE guys, back my list by supporting the video for "Without You" by Eurogliders. I want the video clip SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Though i want a FULL 80s OZ special I can see rage's logic. I guess in january most of us 80s heads get LOTS of the 80s and the 70s people don't get heaps due to lack of COuntdowns from the 70s.

So I guess this way the 70s people shall be happy. Don't know if I am at all interested in the 70s weekend, not much of a 70s fan AND the stuff I do like from the 70s is UK Glam Rock, UK Post Punk/New Wave,
UK Ska and tinges of Disco the most. So 70s OZ weekend may be a miss for me... I LOATH Sherbet and all that rubbish, haha.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Poor old Sherbert - although it's interesting seeing their progression thru the Countdown eps as Sherbert/Highway/The Sherbs and back to Sherbert.

One would hope the 70's special will appease those fans wanting 70's Countdowns - given that Rage have virtually played all but one - being the 22 July 1979 Daryl Cotton hosted ep.

Having said that - didn't someone called KC give the ABC 4 'lost' 70's eps recently? It'll be interesting to see how they look presuming Rage plays them next January.

But yes a pity the 80's Ausmusic special won't be as long - but we can't have everything I suppose!

I've put in a request for Eurogliders Without You in the Rage Guestbook btw...fingers crossed it crops up.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

This AUS 80s special could be really FANTASTIC if it is chosen properly.

I expect Beargarden, Real Life, Machinations, SPK, Severed Heads, Ignatius Jones, The Models, Venetians, I'm Talking, Riptides, Monitors, Pseudo Echo,
Dead Can Dance, Serious Young Insects, Meo 245,
Wa Wa Nee and MORE!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I have the Eurogliders Greatest Hits Video compilation that came out years ago. It has 'Without You' on it, but the only video clip missing is 'No Laughing Matter'

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Really hope to see something more from Dead Can Dance included in this special.
I so enjoyed "Frontier" on Rage the other night-so beautiful and haunting,it whetted my appetite to see more from this band who are so rarely played on Rage ....

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I have the Eurogliders Greatest Hits video and Without You and No Action, which they recorded when they were with the Mercury label, are not on there. Only their releases from their time with CBS are on the video

The Greatest Hits video has the same clips as the Absolutely video (without the Bernie and Grace extras) but also has Maybe Only I Dream (the live version which also appears on the Eurogliders Live video) and the 3 later releases - Groove, Listen and It Must Be Love. The Eurogliders Live video does have a live version of Without You on it and they also performed it live on Countdown June 20 1982.

The actual video for Without You has not been released anywhere as far as I can tell but does appear on a Countdown that Rage have not yet shown. It is also on YouTube but I would like to see a clearer version.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Sorry guru, i thought the clip was on it.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Can you tell me when Eurogliders are going to make a DVD with all their videos, live performances, extra bits and pieces,etc. which it was a best-of/greatest hits/complication DVD and when it's going to be release?

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Hi everyone!
Just checked tomorrow night's Rage playlist and don't get me wrong-there's some great songs in there,but to me,they've played it really safe by going for the usual suspects.Hardly a rarity in sight.Looks like I'll be giving it a miss.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

It's NOT the best, I MUST say.

Though I hardly know anything tommorrow night being an 80's boi!

But HELLO, where on earth is Renee Geyer???????!!!!!!

Not much Marcia Hines either.... I may record Hush as they seem to interest me.

Bring on next weeken'd 80's AUS, this weekend is boring me to tears just as I thought it would.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Least this 70's AUS special will please the 70's die hard fans, if they even know about this special to begin with!

I am not happy about the lack of Mondo Rock, Cool World is THE only Mondo video being played, I was hoping for a Mondo Rock special as well. Ah well, what do ya do!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Where is Supernaut!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Lots of Daddy Cool being played etc - hardly surprising since Ross Wilson is hosting it tomorrow.

I assume Mondo Rock will be played next week for the 80's section - hopefully Rage can unearth (if there is one) the video for Chemistry - which is my favourite Mondo Rock song - a really lovely ballad that one.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I suggested Supernaut and Renee Geyer for the 70s special-surprising they're not there as they were both well-known seventies icons. And where are Ol 55-another of Countdown's favourite 70s bands?
Would have preferred Rage to show one clip from each band or artist as opposed to 3 from bands like Sherbet-that way they could have featured a far better variety..

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I agree...

So many artists left off once again because of Sherbet!

No Supernaut and Renee Geyer is ridiculous!

Supernaut for complete Glam Rock pushing boundries HEAVEN!

And Renee for having THE most AMAZING voice from a female OZ artist. Where is Stares & Whispers?
My FAV Renne track, ARGH!

And Patrick, yes!... If there is a promo video for Chemistry I REALLY want it to. I was really hoping for Chemistry and Summer Of '81 this weekend, SO SPEWING!

I LOVE Early 80's Mondo Rock, sigh!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Jason-There is one token Renee Geyer song on Saturday morning but considering she was probably the best known and most talented female singer in Aus. at that time (along with Marcia),I would have expected Rage to feature more than one of her clips.

I especially like "Stares and Whispers", "Heading in the Right Direction" or "It's a Man's World".

When I think of the 70s I always remember Renee performing on Countdown to a bored-looking largely female audience of teenagers who really didn't appreciate her gorgeous, husky voice.
They weren't interested in her but were just dying to see Sherbet,JPY ,Marc Holden or some other "spunks" of the day...

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

If I were able to go to Countdown in the 70's, Renee would have been a complete pleasure to see..

Her music has stood the test of timer much more than Sherbet and all the rest.

Then again, I appreciate soul singers so I would say that!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

May I add, Australia is always more for the males. Female artists never get the same respect as males which is a very negative thing indeed!~

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Yes,when you look back on Aus music scene in the 70s and even the early 80s there were really only a handful of successful female artists around at that time.

In her autobiography Renee talks about how sexist the music industry was in those days-she didn't quite conform to the cutsey, pretty, submissive stereotype they expected in those days but her toughness and assertiveness got her through, as well as her amazing voice.

Apparently other girls like poor little Christie Allen weren't so lucky-the music industry chewed her up and spat her out so to speak...

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I spit on those who hurt my beloved Christie.And what's more-she's not even in tomorrow night's special.Double trouble!

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Poor Christie Allen - although maybe Rage thought that they had already done justice to her with the special they did last January? Still that's no excuse for not putting at least 1 clip from her.

I agree with a previous comment that Rage should have just put 1 clip per person/group in the special so that mostly everyone gets a fair go - and re: Sherbert - all of their videos are on their Greatest Hits dvd so why show 3 in one night??

And yes I do love Renee - she's a great singer and I've been told by people who've worked with her she's a very assertive but generous performer. She would have put up with a lot back in the 70's and good on her for surviving for so long while some of her contemporaries have faded from view.

Fingers crossed next week's 80's special springs some genuine surprises...

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

It is a very good line-up, especially if you are a GTK & Hitscene fan from the early 70's. Loads of this tomorrow night!!

From a Countdown fan's point of view, two very rare Countdown performances from the 1977 segment tape finally get screened tomorrow night - Dragon's "Sunshine" (a portion of this was on one the "Meldrum tapes" videos many years ago) and Taste "Rebecca" - neither of these have been seen in full since their original transmission in 1977. And the episodes they come from have long been wiped.

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

It was interesting to see the clip for "Message" featuring a very young Renee Geyer singing with the group,Sun,on Saturday night.
So Rage didn't leave her out after all...

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

I enjoyed this special. It was a good lesson in Ausmusic from the early 70's for me. My Australian Encyclopedia of Rock was a great asset on the weekend to see just when these songs were released. Where was Alison Durbin? (I think that's her name?) she was pretty big in the early 70's. It was also good to see some of these videos in full, as I have only seen excerpts of them on the 'Love Is In The Air' documentary - the history of Australian music - which was shown on the ABC a few years back.

I still find it funny how Sister Janet Meades 'The Lords Prayer' made it to No.3 in OZ and No.4 in the US and sold over a million copies and she was the first Oz act to do so. All the royalties went to charity (of course) and the label built a recording studio - don't you love Wikipedia?

Re: Ausmusic month in November (rage)

Me a bit worried about this weekends 80's AUS Special...

The description is up on rage and it mentions Do Re Mi, The Stems (Yuk), Cockroaches (Yuk), Icehouse, Eurogliders.

Hopefully Do Re Mi goes much further than the USUAL "Man Overboard" and into "Idiot Grin" instead.

Hopefully Eurogliders isn't Heaven (Must be There) but insted "Without You"

Icehouse, hopefully something more RARE...

Also lists Jenny Morris (Boring)... and Boom Crash Opera...

I can't believe the likes of Pseudo Echo and Machinations are not mentioned, REALLY!... rage are so predictable as is Australia when it comes to their own bands, and the LACK of appreciation!

I think the chances of me getting Pel Mel, Dropbears, Venetians, Dugites, SPK, Monitors e.t.c.. is about as likely as the ABC playing Countdown repeats 6PM on Weekdays!