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Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi everyone!
Does anyone have news on what's happened with this DVD?
Has its release date been changed or has plans to release it been shelved completely?

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

I had actually wondered that myself.

I've just checked the Ezydvd website - where I first saw it advertised - and it's no longer listed at all. It was meant to have been released about 3 weeks ago.

I've been scouring JBHI FI for it, but no luck either.

Wonder what the problem was? Surely can't be a rights issue as some of that footage was on the Nightmoves dvd.

One for further investigation methinks!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Is this what you guys are looking for

Mushroom - 25 Live (2 Disc Set) (778326)
Currently Out of Stock
AU$36.97 Currency Converter International Price (inc GST)

I just checked ezydvd

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi Lee!
Its the Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD that celebrated Mushroom Records' 10th birthday over the Australia Day weekend in 1982.
I've got the one you mentioned but I don't think its as good as what I've seen of the Mushroom Evolution Concert.
Still puzzled as to why Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons were left out of 25 live,since they performed on the day.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hey John - and other interested parties.

Ezydvd have the Mushroom Evolution Concert listed once again on their website as being due for release on Friday 5 June.

Hopefully this time nothing else delays it - fingers crossed!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Thanks for the update Patrick-much appreciated

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi everyone!
Paid JB Hi-Fi a visit this morning about this DVD and according to them,they had no info whatsoever about the DVD's release this weekend.
Are we being dicked around again with this DVD or is it actually gonna see the light of day?

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

The Ezydvd website still has it listed as being released tomorrow.....although they've done that before with other releases - all to no avail.

The JBHIFI website doesn't have it listed either - so I can only assume it's been delayed yet again.

Very odd - must be a rights issue - if so then why publicize it as an upcoming release??

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Do you think this DVD will be available at Sanity and Leading Edge Music?

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Ok - Mushroom Evolution Concert dvd Take 3

I've just checked out the ezydvd website and lo and behold the DVD is back on their listing.

This time it's scheduled for release on Friday 28 August. Here is the link to view details and the cover http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/805121

Now should I take bets on whether this date sticks for once or could it be a case of third time unlucky??

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi Patrick!
I'd love for you to be right but with the way we've been dicked around,I reckon it'll be third time unlucky.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Just been on the EzyDVD website and found the release date's been changed yet again-this time its September 11.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Geez that's terrible - watching the date change all the time is like playing musical chairs!!

Oh well, fingers crossed THIS TIME is the FINAL date!!!!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

This is getting beyond a joke-the release date has been changed AGAIN!!!
According to Ezy DVD,it'll be out on October 9.
I've sent them an email to find out what's going on.If I hear back from them,I'll let you know,but I can't handle being dicked around over the failed release of this DVD anymore.
Either release it NOW or don't bother-just cut the crap!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Well you never know John,it could be a ploy by the DVD company to build up momentum!!

Seriously it's getting a bit silly with the constant date changing - methinks the old copyright issues are at play here..or maybe the film/sound needs more of a clean up than first thought?

I'll await to see if the dates are changed - again.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Xmas release perhaps?

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

I am sorry but this conversation just cracks me up!! Good luck with obtaining this illusive DVD guys!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi Redacted Adjective-glad you're finding Patrick and I's frustrations with this DVD amusing.
Surely,you wouldn't be this way inclined if you were after something as E-L-U-S-I-V-E as this DVD?
Unless(conspiracy theory here)you're one of the parties who's stopping this DVD from seeing the light of day!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

D***!! I asked Ebony if that was how it was spelt! That B****!!

No, of course it wouldn't be amusing if it was me looking for something!

But don't stress luvvy, good things come to those who wait!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

At least there is some sort of picture on the cover at EZYDVD now. Before there was nothing.

It will probably change now

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Redacted Adjective-get your laughing gear on and brace yourself Patrick-that bloody DVD's changed dates AGAIN!!!!
New date's now October 30-man,I've had a gutful!!!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD


Darl I feel your pain...

Could you just pretend the due date is 25th December? That way when it's changed again (cos you know it will be, lol) you won't be so disappointed?

See, you just need a few simple S-T-R-A-T-E-G-I-E-S (mmn, that's right. I haven't forgotten your contempt at my poor spelling!)in place to help ease unnecessary heartache.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Contempt Redacted Adjective?-not so.It's definitely sounding more and more like a pre-Xmas release.Should've set it for that time in the first place instead of dicking the likes of Patrick and I round like they've done since mid-'09.
However,I shall make sure I've plenty of other forms of entertainment to avoid letting this carry on nonsense get to me anymore than it has done.
Thanks for your words of wisdom and have a good weekend!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Now releasing on 30 October hey? Maybe they're bringing it out in time for Halloween so that the buyer will be shocked that it's finally on sale?

Failing that, maybe let's set the 25 December Xmas date as the final target - that could then be a Miracle on DVD Street?

Whatever the case, let it be released soon...fans have had enough of the pre-release teasing!

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Hi Patrick!
Believe it or not-IT'S OUT!!!!
I have it in my hot little hands and its as follows-
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons(only one song though.Luckily,I've got the video with Shape I'm In and them backing Paul Kelly on Billy Baxter)
Mick Pealing & The Ideals
Mike Rudd & The Heaters
The Kevin Borich Express
Sunnyboys(can't wait to see their full set)
The Models
Rock Doctors
Russell Morris & The Rubes
Madder Lake
The Sports(about their set,to quote Big Kev-I'M EXCITED!!!)
The Fives
Renee Geyer & Friends
The Jam
Billy Miller & The Great Blokes
Dave & The Derros
Meo 245(all stereo only)
Interviews with Joe Camilleri,Sean Kelly,Billy Miller,Mike Rudd,Kevin Borich,Mick Fettes,Russell Morris,Matt Taylor,Frankie J Holden and Red Symons

$27.99 it is and fingers crossed the wait was worth it.

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

Congratulations John - at last we can put this beast to bed!

Unfortunately I haven't seen it my way yet so hopefully it'll turn up soon.

After so many months and so much agonising I can only hope it was worth the wait.....

Re: Mushroom Evolution Concert DVD

And I thought War And Peace was long!Should add the cover isn't the one on the Ezy DVD website.Look for a white cover with what looks like the original Mushroom logo on the front.