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The Countdown Award Shows

Yawnsville- so badly edited and just basically so boring!!!! I do like the 84 awards with Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. hehe

Re: The Countdown Award Shows

Yeah I completely agree.

The 1984 Awards were the best for sure - and maybe the only one I've seen that wasn't edited in some way - or at least BADLY edited!!

I haven't seen the 81 or 87 Awards so can't comment on those but maybe I'll get to see them one day if Rage repeats them - further down the track of course!

Re: The Countdown Award Shows

Speaking of Awards

I was disapointed that The Nolans were only seen fleetingly during the 82 Award telecast.

Surely they had a presenting role during it? Pity that wasn't on it.

At the very least they could have performed one of their hits on it.

The Nolas have gotten short shrift during the retro season. I have yet to see any of their clips played in full or a Countdown ep hosted by them.

I'll try to find out which show it was they hosted and suggest Rage play it next time - UNCUT of course!!!!!!!

Re: The Countdown Award Shows

Well I think it is a NIGHTMARE that Duran Duran didn'tperform on the 1982 Awards and also The Nolans!

They both could have...I am still SO puzzled by the Duran Duran COUNTDOWN performance of "My Own Way"...

It was obviouslyfilmedon the day ot the Awards or that week.

There were the awards we saw AND Duran also hosted a Countdown EPisodew with Molly, which rage played in 2005. I do have the performance of "My Own Way" which I got from someone's original recording from 19082, and it'sin great condition thankfully!
On the one I have, it's from a Friday request show, so it must have only been played on a requestshow, which is so strange as Duran were huge!!!

And I agree Patrick, I have been waiting for the Nolans episode when they performed "Gotta Pull Myself Together" for years and years and more years!

Lucky for VH1, that I actually finally got the performance of it!