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MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Looked at rage Playlist for Saturday night...

3 clips from Mi Sex after 1983 Countdown Episode...

rage played an episode with "People" live in the Coutndown studio on the 2nd week of Jan and have played this SO many times. Is anyone aware if Mi Sex made an "OFFICIAL" video for this track?

I am 100% certain rage are repeating this performance YET again, which will be ANNOYING as we have seen it this month! They could have at least played the video to Blue Day or the performance to Space Race which is a bit less common...

And The Reels with "According To My Heart" was played last January as well, The Reels are FABULOUS BUT rage need to experiment a bit moire in January, that time could have been MORE Flashez clips OR Countdown performances from some episodes!!! ARGH ...

Least I will get to see Dragon with Cry, Rain and Body and the Beat video clips in a nice clear recsption *(if the power don't go!) HOPEFULLY ***

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

May I add. that "I Don't Love You Anymore" by The Reels was ALSO played last January!!! Even though I LOVE IT...

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

I'm REALLY...REALLY hoping it's going to be the promo clips for ALL the extra Mi Sex & Dragon videos. Especially "People", "Shangheid", "Get That Jive" & "Still In Love With You". I hope some day I'll see the original film clip for "This Time" again too...I remember seeing it on Countdown and loving it so much.

Jason...isn't "Cry" by Dragon absolutely stunning...seriously, what a killer song. Everything about it...the tension in it, the pace of it...just amazing...

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

INDEED abbaluke,

"Cry" is TOTALLY beautiful. From the absolutely stunning piano intro, then into the big Dragon sound and Marc's immaculate emotion and EXPRESSION in his voice, it's just wonderful on that track +

I CROSS MY FINGERS that the promo video for "Cry" is played and not the Countdown performance, as I have that already!

Can u please ask rage if "People" is the video clip as well?

I would LOVE to see it SO BAD!!! Imagine how FANTASTIC the clip is!!!

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

I have no memory at all of the concept vid for "People" so yes, it would truly be a blessing to see it. Steve was such a star. Like Christie he had truck loads of that mysterious "X factor"...he was so sexy and compelling to watch, a great natural performer and an awesome singer. I'm so sad we lost him

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

There was a promo clip made for the song 'Space Race'. So there should have been one made for 'People' as well. I think MI-SEX made clips for just about every single that they released. They were a very underated band and they lost a lot of there audience when the 'Space Race' album came out.

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Well um,,,, Moderator just informed me in the Guestbook that "People" will NOT be the video. Yep, it';s the Countdown performance AGAIN!!!

Oh my gawd, a video to *** Space Race *** W O W ! ! !
I would love it if rage had played THAT!

Typical Australia, as soon as OZ bands get kooky people dont like them anymore!!!!

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

I think alot the fans that MI-SEX got with the 'Graffiti Crimes' album, were the same people that were into Midnight oil, the Angels, Cold chisel etc... Then when Space Race came out, I think they thought that they had sold out in someway. The clip to Space Race was very basic, very smokey with the band playing in a studio and a little guy dressed as the alien.

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Hi JASON, there is a 'Sounds' promo on youtube which shows a couple of seconds of what the 'Space Race' clip looked like, blink and you will miss it.


Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Just looked at it on You TUbe, I actually have that promo saved in my Fav's from ages ago.Seen it many times... But I didn't know that the Mi Sex bit was for Space Race. I think that is the most I shall ever see. Wish rage could have played that or at least the Space Race on Countdown again, instead of Computer Games.

I dont think Mi Sex really "sold out" as such... Look at Computer Games and People... Computer Games is exactly that "Computer Games" and gadgets and "People" is alien related.

Which is really what Space Race is,,, go figure

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

For many years it irritated me that Rage would dedicate large portions of their shows to playing the entire catalog of promos by many popular overseas bands, but never dedicated one show to bands that were huge in this country at one time......Mi Sex among them.

Sometimes we get a handful of clips by a past Aussie band but never all the promos the ABC has at hand.

I'd love to see complete promo packages dedicated to great Aussie artists that never had a retail video collection made available.

Why do we not celebrate these very popular artists from our rich music heritage? Bands like MiSex are all but lost to the mists of time because they've never received any exposure beyond their time of existence. I spoke to one girl about them a few months ago and she said they can't have been that popular because they only had one song! She was shocked when I told her just how many singles and albums they released.

I'd love to see Rage play all their promos one night. It will probably be the only time we get to see these great rock relics again.

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Unfortunately I don't think this is likely to happen!

If they are playing the 2 Countdown performances from Mi sex and the video to Computer Games in January, then they certainly aint going to do it at any old time.

I have a feeling that they don't have any promo videos except for Computer Games. They are playing more from the other bands like Dragon and The Reels. If they actually do have some RARE Mi Sex videos, then that would be really crap if they just choose not to!

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Though I really like The Reels, they were well represented last January!

I wish so badly that tommorrow night they did a package with Machinations video's!!!!

OH MY GAWD, how glorious would that be***

Beargarden Videos
The Expression
The Venetians
Geisha Videos

and more less commercial stuff along those lines!!!

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Oh I agree it'll never happen, but that's what got me in the past too. These hugely popular Aussie bands very rarely get a look in, unless it's their major hit...yes, Computer Games is a good example. As another good example, even with Sherbet (one of the most popular Aussie bands ever) it's very unlikely we'll ever see much more than the Howzat promo given any sort of airing. To me, that's a shame because their influence looms large over Australian rock and roll history and it should be celebrated more often.

Bands like Sherbet, love them or hate them, should be known by any self respecting Oz rock fan. I'll bet most people under 30 in this country wouldn't have a clue who Sherbet, Hush, Mi Sex, TMG etc etc are.

I feel that in their own country kids these days don't really have a great sense of it's rock and roll history and what came before todays crop of artists. I also believe that's because they're rarely exposed to any of it any more.

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Yeah that Reels concert just went on and on last year.I remember getting annoyed waiting for the Countdown episode to start. I like them but that live thing didn't do much for me.

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Jet Boy, there is NO such thing as getting to carried away on this Forum!

I TOTALLY agree with all that you are saying... Unfortunately another fact is also that Sports is always priority #01 in this contry and Music isn't such a big deal to some typical people in this country of ours.

And it is true, though I like seeing the odd Madonna special on rage e.t.c... rage need to do random specials with more obscure OZ music from the past!

I mean, if we cannot see more RARE OZ music on rage in Australia, then where else are we going to see it?!?!

It is ashame that even people in there early 20s e.t.c.... who are now into the 80s do NOT get to see things that are not the "norm" 80s. So many AMAZING bands and artists from the past from this country.
And the LACK of play means lack of legacy in many years to come, true?

Unfortunately that is the way it is!

I am also really over that everytime rage has a random OZ special during the year, it is ALWAYS the same bands and the same songs and videos. Sure... The Church and Inxs are brilliant BUT it seems they dont think that people out there want to see any other bands but these ones from that precious time!


And to Gary,
Yes The Reels did go on a bit, but I did enjoy that show rage played last year. Their version of "Band Of Gold" was GOLDEN GOLDEN and more GOLDEN to me.

I just don't think that there is any need to go into The Reels territory this January, when there are so many other bands OZ and OS that haven't been played yet!!!!!!

rage are really a worry sometimes!!!

Re: MI SEX "People" performance AGAIN?

Yes Jetboy I lovez Sherbet. But also appreciate other bands from that era..eg Hush; Silver Studs (Gino and Lance) lol, Ac/Dc-Bon in his school girl attire lol, ther was some classic performers back in the mid 70s. But I would also like to say that I really like Mi-Sex (Steve Gilpin-Rip) and The Reels (Dave Mason)loved their version of the Herb Alpert song This Guys in Love With You...