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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

Gary- Looks to be in pretty good shape for restoring. The rear bumper and spare tire carrier not attached to the car are in the back seat and under the car. I would think someone looking to restore this era of car should go for something like this. The number of good restoration candidates has got to be dwindling down. People have got to get out of the mindset of thinking they are going to make money on their car. If you do a total restoration on a car such as this you will never get your money back come sale time, even if you can do much of the work yourself. You would probably have a good $1000.00 in paint products for this car, not to mention the rechroming bill(and this car doesn't have much chrome).Ya do it for the fun!

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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

Ross. The car has been inside for probably over 50 years. The Museum owner and I have talked ofer the years. (We both are in the same age group). The younger people that come to see the cars are wanting to see cars of the 50.s thru 70,s

This would be a car to fix up little by little. Dave E. and I figure it is worth about 3K.


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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

Well thanks Gary .. now have to more pieces to the puzzle on M-2459 for Registry. The Hayes tag 150-2345 and its blue with black fenders. Engine serial ????


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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

It looks to me that it might not take too much to make a good driver out out of the car the way it sets other then replacing all the rubber products, the brakes and safety items, and a lot of mothering over...The original topping looks good so chance the wood in the car may be good as well...The front original looking floor mat doesn't appear to be worn below the clutch and brake pedals so possibly a low millage car?...It looks to have the prefered after market Carter ball and ball carburetor with Carter adapter....If I didn't have so **** many cars I think I might snag this one....I do have an extra wire wheel for the spare and a newly built gas tank for the car if a club member wanted to pick this car up.

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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

Hello bill and everyone
Gary Yelle and myself kicked this one around I thought just cleaning it up making it safe and reliable and just keeping it original no heavy restoration just sorting it out and enjoying it would be nice,I believe at 10.500 it is way overpriced at todays project market,but it says accepting offers so maybe there’s hope,I would be a buyer but nowhere near that money, Dave

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Re: 1931 DeVaux in Murdo, SD

$10,500.00 seems high to me also. If you want to sell it, I think closer to your $3000.00 price would be right. After all, the 4.2 people in the world that know what it is and want it could get in a bidding frenzy. Looks like a nice solid car.

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