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Durant for sale Canada

not mine, from AACA forum.....Frank


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Re: Durant for sale Canada

Nice posibilites, I wonder if it comes with an instrument panel?

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Re: Durant for sale Canada

Car has been on a few Kijiji's and eBay under different prices in the teens and I see its under $6000 Can presently. Note gas tank and spare tire / taillight are missing. The tractor place took this car in as part payment on a tractor and are now flogging it.

One of the earlier Kijiji's said if the car wasn't sold it would be rodded and perhaps that's were the missing parts come into the picture. Those pics showed more details like the undercarriage with gas tank straps hanging down, no tank. Engine compartment with no lines to carb from the vacuum tank and so on.

Can't be 100% sure but it might be Alfred & Joan Durant, 40 from Smiths Falls Ont, sold at auction with his 27 Star Sedan a few years ago. (former DMAC member)I recall Alfred couldn't find the ribbed reflectors and plain glass lenses so used Ford A ones. The remaining lense is a Ford A type. Alfred's was same colour.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Dominion built 614 Sedan

Re: Durant for sale Canada

Norm, I always appreciate your input. I will follow each post to see your response. It amazes me how much knowledge you have with these cars and how much detail you retain. When I joined the DMAC you immediately spoke up with great information on the car I recently had purchased. Have you ever considered a book on the Durant Line? Perhaps I could work to gather as much of my uncles papers and property and share with you for the purpose of a book. That information would only be more of the personal life of Durant and maybe some of the business dealing but.....
Thanks for all the information you share with this group! I’m sure every member is just as appreciative.

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Re: Durant for sale Canada

Brian ... not going to happen. I took on family history in the early 2000's as we knew almost zip on our past. Yes I had heard we were related to Sir Isaac Brock of Ont fame as my grandmother was a Brock on Mum's side. Also to Louis 14 of France but not heredity he had a mistress. Somewhere I have a letter written up about all that.
Dad's parents harrumphed and changed the subject my half bro told me, and he was raised by them. Now know why. Anyway I have piles of pages printed out on our various families all intermixed. Used to say to Di, I need someone to put it all in order. Its the hunting that's fun not the rest.

Changing subject, all I really wanted at first was any info on the 32 614 I got talked into buying. No I have not found much on the 32 if Dominion ever published any.
Yes we had old cars in the 60's and two of us ran the roads Ont / Que on w/e's looking for parts or antiques long forgotten in abandoned farms, etc. I'll swear every farm, abandoned or not, had at least one Ford T part. Durant / Stars / Essex / Chevy were also plentiful part wise or complete. Good many times we used my former chums 1931 614 sedan on our jaunts (now Stephan's). Using the Durant opened mouths in the countryside as to where other old cars might be. Usual my father or grandfather used to have a Chev or Ford just like that. But sir its a Durant not a Chev / Ford. What's a Durant, never heard of it. But as far are info on Billy's empire or any other empire, we really didn't care. Mostly we were looking for parts for his 31 and my 30 D 614 and 31 Chevy canopy truck, as spares.

Wasn't until I got back into it again with the 32 and DMAC that expanded. Now we have pc's and info to expand on and not confined to just our former Ottawa club. Like a kid in a candy shop sort of thing. Now we know why my 30 and Brian's 31 were same but different because Durant Motors and Dominion Motors. Then working with Steve on the Registry and researching it opened all sorts of doors of info. I shudder reading things by so called experts about our cars and other makes, knowing they have no idea what they are talking about. Please do not think I am any expert or pretend to be on Billy's vehicles. No one can claim that with "No Two Cars the Same" Each plant seems to have done its own thing with same model and then Leaside does its own.

Sorry rambling on ..
This car we have been following in the various Kijiji's and eBay's at different prices and story's. Orig Kijiji from south of Cumberland Ont had a lot of pic's of the car and claimed it was running not that long ago. Some of the pic's showed satin white bows on the cowl lights like it had just been used in a wedding. Other pic's dust covered in a shed with rough sawn wood piled beside it. One look at the pic's and you knew it had no spare holder or taillight, no spare, no gas tank, no hubcaps, no dash and gauges, nothing hooked to the carb and so on. Hadn't been run for a long time. The ad said if not sold it was being rodded. Next ad its now in Orleans and prices up and down. Then eBay and now back to Kijiji at reducing prices and few pics with bows removed. At one point it was a 6 cyl until I informed them it was a 4 cyl W5 and model 40. This tractor place has it, also south of Cumberland. I did mention to this seller about being a 40 when they asked info on it and said it looked very much like Alfred Durant's car from Smiths Falls. One of our members did offer $6000 when it was at a higher price, pre tractor place, just to see the response. First it was no, then yes later if you pick it up now. He didn't of course.

Again on another note, that's what a club should be is sharing info if we can, to help others.

Surprised I rambled on so much with AMD and cataracts getting worse, squinting at the screen.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Dominion built 614 Sedan


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