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1926 Star Car Racer

Saw this interesting Star racer on the Bring A Trailer site. Has anyone seen the car before?


Looks interesting. I wondering when the work was actually done. It is up on Craigslist in Portland.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Star Coupe

Re: 1926 Star Car Racer

That is cute as a bug and would be perfect for parades and festivals. It is a 1922-24 "C" model repurposed project. Very well made but never produced by Durant Motors.

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Re: 1926 Star Car Racer

I looked at the eBay listing for that car, they have more pictures.
Take a closer look at the engine, it's a W% with some other head. The head is a little bigger than stock and hangs out a little. Also, what clued me into it was the water neck is not in the front of the engine.

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Re: 1926 Star Car Racer

Didn't notice the head/water pipe, but did notice that the carburetor air intake was facing forward rather that toward the back of the car.

Where Are You From? Grand Junction, CO

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Star Coupe

Re: 1926 Star Car Racer

I posted the engine on forum 1926? Durant Sedan help on June 13 when discussing frost plugs. Phil Peters sent pic's of the ad hoc Star speedster to two of us when the owner was looking for distributor parts to get it running. He ended up using the one on it. Don't recall what museum folded and he bought the cars to resell. Seems to be a W4 from a C but the rad shell appears to be made up of the F type. Chev type tail light used on some pre 30 Star and Durants. Ford T steering wheel spider. Someone got creative with bits and pieces and made up mock a racer.

These are different pic's to Phil's when it was beside a fence. As Rick said, eBay has a lot of pic's as it is now.

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