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some rubber and hood parts 30 - 33

Re post Lance's mail for some parts with modifications to orig.

OK fellows you are in luck. I just finished a 619 and lots of server damage and missing parts sent me shopping all over in Ford etc old car catalog's and on the web. And guess what Mac’s Antique Auto Parts and other companies have 32 Ford stainless steel hood hinges and the brackets for both ends. The actual long hinges is polished stainless steel and the P/N 18-16632 $17.22 and one chrome end bracket is P/R B-8220 for only $7.45 & the other end is P/N
40-8220 for $7.75 plus shipping.
Now some other critical things that are available for the rare 407, 610, 611, 612, 614, 617, 618, 619 Durant (Frontenac & 6-75 DeVaux)cars are the strange looking crank up windshield cowl rubber molding and the two side guides as a kit for $86.20 part number 70-0016-32 from Steele Rubber Products and they also have the gas tank sending unit round rubber cover for in the back for $44.50 part number 10-0010-44. These are actually listed under Durant and a couple door guide stops that don’t fit. So don’t bother with them. I think the reason they are available is all these particular rubber parts fit on the 30 Chevy and 30 Buick so a lot more demand. The rubber gas sending unit round cover also fits on my 1929 Durant model 6-66 and on Rick’s 1929 Durant sport roadster and on the 1930 - 33 Durant / Frontenac / 6-75 DeVaux cars.

What Lance didn't know at the time, is a B42 Mack truck uses the correct hood end caps for the later 30's Durant and Frontenac (6-75 DeVaux ?)and also the stainless steel hood strip. So you don't have to mickey mouse the Ford parts to fit. Hood strip is miles to long so just have it cut down to size you need. A number of vehicles such as Plymouth also use the same hood parts.

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end caps


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