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Chevrolet and Durant

Here is an interesting video of Luis Chevrolet and later in the story, Durant.
It skims over the story of there separation from each other during the Chevrolet Motors era, but still is very interesting.


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Re: Chevrolet and Durant

Hey Rick that was very interesting!

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Re: Chevrolet and Durant

Very informative!

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Re: Chevrolet and Durant

This documentary doesn't present WC in a very flattering light, but I think we all know that he was not the "nuts and bolts" guy, but rather the marketing man. He was out to make money in this "newfangled" business, and we know he had many misfires. But today's automotive landscape would be radically different without Durant.

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Re: Chevrolet and Durant

I agree Ross. it didn't really show Durant in a good lite but of someone that stole the Chevrolet car out from Chevrolet. But without Billy pushing to make a cheaper car to compete with the Model T, they would not have had the success. Chevrolet had an ego that wanted to big fancy car like the Cadillac etc with his name on it. Sales would have been and were minimal and the company would have just faded into oblivion. Like the documentary said Chevrolet was primarily a race car driver and that was his focus and drive until he died. Car manufacturing wasn't really his thing either. It was true about Durant not liking Chevrolet's cigarette smoking in a time that Gentleman smoked cigars and not cigarettes. Still and all some very interesting information I did not know.

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