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Looking at a purchase

Hello Norm,
I hope you can give me a little help and insight. I'm looking at purchasing a 29 Rugby. You probably know the truck, it is from your area. For sale right now in Carleton Place. looks like it came from Constance Bay. It is in very rough condition. Motor is free, cab is very poor. Do you know the truck and is it worth the time and effort. If you would like pictures I can send some. This truck has been for sale for quite a while from what I have found.
Thanks in advance.

Where Are You From? ON

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Rugby

Re: Looking at a purchase

Hi Ted … no I don't think I know the truck. My friend in Oro sent me the Kijiji link yesterday on this. But you saying it comes from Constance Bay sort of rings a distant memory perhaps. I was emailing someone a number of years back near Carp (name ?) He picked up a 1929 Rugby and last I heard he was taking it to Leitrim to make a rod using the cab only. At first he wanted to restore it and then gave up that idea.

Only a guess on my part this is a 401 Rugby since it has the ribbed reflectors in the lights, used on 401 Rugby and model 40 / 60 Durant's.

Ah ha same truck, I thought I recognized it using Google search. Same lad I just mentioned. KEVIN J. WEST, NOV 6, 2014 Put his phone number in search 613-227-0337 and get a couple of hits on Kevin. Has a 49 Packard on Kijiji per Google and like the Rugby has lost interest.


This Rugby sure gets around our area and not on its own steam. We only have 3 401's in Steve's Registry and if this is one, another addition.
Be a lot of work but nice to have yet another of Billy's vehicles around to enjoy.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: Looking at a purchase

Thanks for the reply, if I do buy it how hard is it to get mechanical parts for it? It needs transmission parts, some brake linkages, rear spring front hanger and who knows what else. I would like to bring it back.

Re: Looking at a purchase

There you have me. We don't know the model and its possible same W5A engine and 3 speed tranny are used on cars. Nothing is set in stone on Billy's vehicles and parts vary plant to plant on same model. For example replacement blocks on W5A show two .. up to engine serial 484200 and after 484200. I'm assuming yours is after.

You might have to locate a donor chassis, have parts made. After markets do and don't mention the 401, if it is a 401. VIN plate should be on the firewall passenger side giving model and T vin from Leaside. Think I went through this with Kelvin in trying to id the model. Might be X or X2. If same tranny as some car models then again finding a donor. Don't know if the tranny is on this or not. It and a 1919 Gray Dort same front part were brought to Roblin's as scrap used as saw mills. The Gray Dort I got saved contacting the Gray Dort Club. The club members might have spare parts or know where.


Again I have no idea if Randy might have parts with his sheds / buses full of parts.
Minaker Auto Parts Milford Ltd
Address : Milford, ON
Telephone : 613-476-4547
Email : randy@minakersautoparts.ca
Category : Automobile Wrecking, Garages Auto Repairing, Automobile Parts & Supplies Used & Rebuilt
Directory : Belleville, Picton, Trenton

Minaker's Auto Parts
(Milford) Ltd
3073 Cty Rd 10, Box 100
Milford, Ontario K0K 2P0
E Mail : minakersautoparts@hotmail.com
or parts@minakersautoparts.ca
Specializing in hard to get parts.
Ph: (613)476-4547



Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: Looking at a purchase

Hi Ted,

For your leaf springs you could contact TDL West on Cardevco Road (near Carp Road). They custom made my front bumper mount by using the old original pieces of spring steel I had. Fit perfectly without adjustment. The guy told me they have made all sorts of custom leaf springs including historic train car parts. It`s been quite a few years now but they were more than happy to make something for an old car!



Where Are You From? Stittsville, Ontario

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1931 Durant 614

Re: Looking at a purchase

Thanks for the info. I'm in the process of making a wish list of parts.

Where Are You From? Brockville

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Rugby


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