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The Larsen Durant 6-17 auction has ended

The ebay auction for the Larsen 6-17 coupe has ended at $21,600.00 with a RNM (reserve not met). Probably not unexpected due to the reported price of restoration of somewhere around $100,000.00. In spite of the problems that some have with ebay,it does reach a large worldwide audience. So having said that is this the top end for a Durant car these days? Some might say that an open touring would bring more, or that this was not the proper time or venue. I don't think you could fault the quality of the restoration, as it was top level.As the years go by I find I don't care what a vehicle is worth so much. I've always hated the question(usually it's the first question),what's it worth? I had until fairly recently, a rare sports car, and that was always the first question from a lot of my encounters. I usually answered,"I don't know, my mistress gave it to me".

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Re: The Larsen Durant 6-17 auction has ended

When asked what its worth I have always fell back on "What ever you can get for it".

Value depends on each person. This coupe is a fantastic car. There is no doubt, as you said this is a fantastic restoration.

To me, I have a fondness for the Flint. I also long for a Frontenac and possibly a DeVaux. Those cars will get more of my cash just because I appreciate them, not because they have a higher value. But the one that will be of most value to me above any other would be the one I may get someday from a fellow Durantonian who entrusts a car in my care and allows me the opportunity to buy it. Value to me will come with a history of the car and its owner and the stories told of that car at previous gatherings and such. Maybe I might even have a place in some of that history with them. Those are the cars that likely have a value too high and never make it on the market.

Sometimes, or many times it's more than the car you are purchasing. Recently I lost a bid on a car I had wanted for some time, though not a Durant. It was a mid '20's car that was found in the old Packard factory in the 70's. It still had the 1925 plates on it and all the original belongings, stashed away on the 4th floor of the factory. But the fascination with the car was related to Detroit, industrial and governmental corruption, prohibition and the Mob. The car was stashed away in the 20's nearly new with almost no miles with bullet holes and hints of blood on the seat. The mystery and unknown story of the car made it something I wanted. It was part of a story related to one of the most influential times in Detroit History. If that car could talk...... And I looked forward to doing some detective work.

So, with that said I think my statement rings correct. "What ever you can get for it", that is if you are willing to part with it.

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Re: The Larsen Durant 6-17 auction has ended

When people ask me what's the car is worth I almost always say "what the market will bear or what you are willing to pay for it". Thus, the value of a car is not what a professional thinks it's worth but, what people are willing to pay for it. The people of that generation that remember the cars will be the one's that will pay the most.

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