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Re: hub bolts

Ebay 253649904988 perhaps Tad expensive for a bolt and this is 1/4 longer than Bill is looking for.

Forum still not working correctly. Doesn't retain your name etc nor can mails be edited.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: hub bolts

thanks for the wheel data, as for the bolt mine on the car, the carriage bolt have a turned up end, on one side of the head.

Another problem is, one of the front 21 inch rim is not from this car, it has the lugs welded on like used on the ford model T. but today I showed the rim too a guy who spent the last 30 years with ford model T, and he was sure it was not a ford rim.

the lugs interfere with the seating of the rim with the wood spoke section of the wheel.

yes cutting off the lugs you might think would solve the problem, but to add to the problem, there is a 1/8 inch raised edge just past the lugs?

so now the diameter is smaller, again bad fit, this is how we bought the car and got it home.

So my point is i need a 21 inch rim that i can put a new tire on.

Many thanks

Bill Durant

Where Are You From? wisconsin

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1927 star R series sport coupe with rumble seat

Re: hub bolts

That is out of the Leaside 1938 aftermarket catalogue.

Ah yes its been years since having to deal with rim bolts and I do recall the turned up head side. The 32 has 6 bolt wire wheels so no split rims, rim spreader, and wood spokes my 30 had in the 60's.

Doesn't a Ford T rim fit our cars but you have to alter them by redrilling a hole or something ?? This came up on Forum sometime ago, when someone had same problem. Macs Ford parts has a T rim

Model T Ford Demountable Rim, 450 X 21, Split Type, Bolt Style Rim Latch, Steel Part # 16-55470-1
Ouch $459.99 each.

You would think someone would have Star rims in their spare parts and could help you.

It was sometime ago on Forum 2009

Frank Witkowski
Feb 13, 2009 - 12:15PM
Quote ReplyRe: Demountable rims for my 1927 RUGBY wheels - Where to find?
Hi Dib.....

Those rims that are on Mac's website are for the larger size tires (30 X 3 1/2)used on the earlier T's. (I'm a dealer for Mac's)

The T rims you want are used on the later (1923-1927) T's with demountable Balloon tires. It is an easy project to relocate the valve stem hole.

No matter what you find the shipping costs to Brazil are going to be high. So probably best to find the correct Star Rim.

When you get the tire size on your car, contact me, I may have a rim that will work for you.

Enjoy your car......Frank

(well well Rick must be working on the site as it retains my name and info, I can again edit within 60 min or delete the posting)

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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