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Virtual Museum

I visited the virtual museum for the first time today. I like what I see there. I did notice that some of the links do not work: the Clothing section does not work, just get a 404 error message.
I think all of our club members should visit the virtual museum, and think about what info/material we can donate/loan/share to help build this great virtual museum.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes, several

Re: Virtual Museum

It's great we have a powerful website to get information out to Durant enthusiasts everywhere but such a shame when so many links are broken, don't work and contributed pieces and updates don't get posted. Also, the warning that comes up the site is not secure either scares away a lot of users or blocks their access depending on their anti virus software. If our long time webbie doesn't have sufficient time available to volunteer to clean these things up, the group should consider hiring an assistant to work along with him to fix these problems. The DMAC website is the most powerful tool we have to help members and enthusiasts and we should be devoting more resources to it. We can all really benefit from a strong and up to date website.

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Re: Virtual Museum

I want to clarify my previous post. It seems I lumped the virtual museum and the DMAC website together as one entity which clearly they are not while they do exist under one umbrella for convenience. The virtual museum is a great means to catalogue artifacts of all kinds and make them available to all and that's great. The same goes for the DMAC website. What I should have said is it's a shame there's so many broken links and missing submitted information on the DMAC website itself, as well as the warning that pops up to advise the site is not secure, if you can even get onto the site with your anti virus doing it's job.

Where Are You From? Oro, Ontario, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 StarTouring

Re: Virtual Museum

Yes, I agree we are very lucky to have an excellent website (and quarterly magazine) and that is very valuable to our membership and others who have an interest in our cars and Billy Durant.

I have corresponded with Mike Linthicum and have learned more about the virtual museum. Our membership will probably be surprised to learn that Mike is creating the virtual museum website and doing all of it single handed, in addition to his full time job and other activities. It takes a lot of time and effort to create web pages, review data, upload data, proofread the info and check links to be sure they work as intended. Although some of the links may not have data uploaded yet, and there may be a glitch here and there which will be fixed as things move forward, it is great progress.

We are all volunteers in our club and we all need to participate and contribute to our club. If anyone has free time or other resources to donate to the cause, contact Mike and ask if there is anything you can do to help.

Where Are You From? Ellensburg, WA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes, several


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