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Re: Water Pump Question

Bill .. thought the same thing after I hit the submit tab on the mail and rushed off to work at the church. Got out the 614 owners manual and the only thing we do with the water pump is turn the packing nut up to stop any leaks, should they occur. Winter Lubrication … Use lighter oil in spring shackles, clutch throw out bearing and break parts to prevent possibility of damage and seizure. And yes they misspelled brake as break. Under Brake Lubrication spelled correctly) The brakes require no lubrication other than a few drops of engine oil every 500 miles on the brake rod connections all located at the brake cross shaft, hand brake lever and foot brake pedal.

Must be what you read.
Oilite is a porous bronze or iron alloy commonly impregnated with an oil lubricant and used in bearings. The original Oilite and Oilite Plus are bronze alloys, while Super Oilite and Super Oilite 16 are iron-based. Oilite was developed by Chrysler in 1930, originally for use in bearings for water pumps and spring shackles, and without oil as the porous filter element in gasoline filters. Chrysler sold approximately 500,000 Oilite bearings in 1930 and approximately 2.5 million the next year. The Super Oilite was introduced in 1932. Overall sales of all Oilite material in 1932 was seven million; this rose to 18 million in 1933. Oilite was a profit center for Chrysler during this time. Currently, the Oilite trademark belongs to Beemer Precision.

Oilite is formed using powder metallurgy so that tiny pores are present in the metal. The pores are then vacuum impregnated with an oil to improve the material’s bearing ability. The material holds approximately 20% oil by volume. The most common lubricant is SAE 30 oil.
Due to the porous structure, machining Oilite poses a special situation. To machine Oilite, the cutting tool must be—and stay—sharp; therefore, tungsten carbide is often used. The sharp tool preserves the open-pore structure, because a dull tool would smear the material and close up the pores that are on the surface adjacent to the journal, which is where the lubrication needs to be. Reaming is not recommended, but can be done with an extremely sharp tool. Honing and grinding should not be performed on any surface that is in contact with the journal as these processes always smear the pores.

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Re: Water Pump Question

Norm, that is the same article, however I never bothered to read the last part...Interesting that they don't recommend that you ream an oilite bearing, that's just what I was planning on doing to give the pump running clearance...I just recieved the oilite bearings from McMasters...Sure enough they have an exact 5/8"(.625) I.D., my new Stainless steel shaft has exactly the same O.D. (.625) so, no clearance...I didn't realize it but after measuring the unworn ends on a coupla old original shafts, they measure (.620 ) or .005 thousands under 5/8" for running/grease clearance....So guess the shaft will go back into the lathe.

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Re: Water Pump Question

Typical man thing, who reads the instructions ha ha. Then we use the excuse they always add extra parts or it was made wrong at the factory. :innocent:

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