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Horn Button 1926 Star

I have checked the archives and see a lot of queries regarding Horn Buttons but nothing about the operation.

I am not able to get the horn (switch) to work. I have checked all my wiring and have eliminated every thing except the switch..
When I take the wire running up the steering column to the switch and manually ground it, my horn work fine. when I take an ohm meter and check the centre connector of the switch and touch the brass ring in the head of the switch I get a dead short with the button at rest or pushed in. Am I wrong in assuming that when the button is pushed in the brass ring hits the steering wheel nut which would short to ground causing the horn to sound.
I have a spare horn button and neither one causes the horn to sound when pushed. Are these buttons just worn out or I missing something?
It appears that something in the switch is not making contact???

I would appreciate any suggestions. Mounting a external horn switch is an option but not one I want to do.


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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Star Delivery Van

Re: Horn Button 1926 Star

Yes, the horn button grounds the wire to the shaft. To do this the base of the button needs to be touch metal.

Where Are You From? Greenbrae, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star


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