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Late production and one off Durant’s

Recently Gary Yelle posted the whereabouts of a 1932 DeVaux and it stirred my curiousity. What is the latest car manufactured in the Durant family of cars and what is the latest known car on the roads today? In paging through all the information on the DMAC website it appears the latest built was the Continental Beacon? Am I correct? And are we aware of any today? I have yet to even see any Continental car but perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place?

Looking over the mass of cars produced we see a couple that were shown but never produced such as the Eagle and the Princeton. Being involved in a few other vintage groups we have seen some of these “Pre Production” models pop up over the years. Any chance any or ours have come to light?

I often think of pictures that Ed Vomero had shown me some years back of one of his cars with all the gauges in brass and wondering if perhaps it was a model car or a special build for one of the early car shows? Im intrigued with the one off cars and would really enjoy one having one as my own. Another car as example is the one in the factory photo of the 1929 Durant six-seventy Deluxe Coupe with its distinctive shaped headlights. What barn door might that be hiding behind?

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Re: Late production and one off Durant’s

I think Bob Smith should take the honor with his 33 Durant that came from the Canadian factory. Devaux-Continental, Inc. was formed to complete the 32 DeVaux year. Continental then went on its own for 33 and 34. Continental used all Hayes bodies....(Norm, tell me if I am correct or not). A friend in Seattle has some Continentals including a 34 Ace.

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Re: Late production and one off Durant’s

A Continental flyer touring is being restored in far north Queensland museum. Has TJ Richards body. Dont think tour bodies were made in U S A.

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Re: Late production and one off Durant’s

No Continental didn't make Roadster or Touring's US. Oz got chassis and put there own body's on some. The Continental brochure's for Beacon and Flyer show the roadster as one of the body styles, but as we know brochures and ad's got out before vehicles actually [roduced.

Your right Sid about the OZ touring being restored, with the TJ Richards body.

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Re: Late production and one off Durant’s

Thanks Gary .. sigh ha ha

That is still a gray area on the 633 with no factory info anywhere and a Montreal newspaper May 1932 talking about the new 685 Frontenac and new Durant. Only new Durant after Feb 1 1932 updates to 407, 614, 618 has to be the 633. Remember the 1932 680 De Vaux, 685 Fronty and 633 Durant all used the same body / fenders etc. We just Canadianized the De Vaux with Depress Beam lights and 32A engine. Also the comment the CEO of Dominion Motors saying Durant was an all dead Co months before and pulled the plug on the Durant line in 1932. I'm just tossing it out there but the 1933 C-400 and C-600 Frontys which are Canadianized Beacon and Flyer used Depress Beam convex lenses 11887. The 685 Fronty and 633 Durant used same flat lenses same as my 32 614 11471.

Again a gray area if you want to consider the De Vo as part of the package. Norman De Vaux created one 1937 DeVo sedan that exists in South Africa. Uses the C400A606B engine Serial number J 27 R and body of the Beacon. Model 41 vin 1001.

If not there are 3 model 41 1934 Continental Red Seals in existence still. Conny made 3 models .. Four door sedan, Two door sedan, and Coupe. As fate would have it the 3 are one of each.

And yes Gary all are Hayes bodies and carry a Hayes body plate on the firewall drivers side, except the C-400 / C-600 Fronty's for some reason, but they do have a body number stamped in the firewall. The 1931 De Vaux is also Hayes with the body plate as is the 1933 model 81 Ace and model 91 Fronty Ace.

Yes our friend in Washington collects Continentals and has one 1933 Fronty Ace from Ont. If it hadn't been for him and getting the info for the Registry, we would have still been lead down the garden path all Ace's US / Canada are model 81 as shown incorrectly in vin books. The Hayes body plate is 191-xxxx and vin plate is model 91. There was a very rust Ace on eBay months back in the US. Looked closer at this rust pile and Hayes body plate was 191 so a 2nd Fronty Ace from Leaside.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Dominion built 614 Sedan


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