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Battery not charging

It appears that the cut off relay is no longer functioning. I tried to find a replacement on the web without success. Would anyone know of where to find one eithter identical or that can be modified to fit? The generator is Auto-Lite model GAL.
Thank you!

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Re: Battery not charging

Hi Claude,

You can replace the guts of the cutout with a modern Diode, those can be ordered from most Model A Ford suppliers.

Several years ago I removed the coil and points from a spare cutout and sent it to this company.
They built a modern voltage regulator inside the original cutout. Works great, it mounts and hooks up just as before. Now I don't know if they still perform this service, but I highly recommend it if they do.

Fun Projects, Inc
3515 W 88th St N
Colfax, IA 50054-7745
1-866-302-FORD (3673)

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Re: Battery not charging

New cut outs are still available from tractor supply companies. They where still used into the 1950's. Just look for one for an Allis-Chalmers "C".


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Re: Battery not charging

Claude-look under Tune Up Parts on the Technical Page for all the modern parts you need to keep your car running-Phil

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Re: Battery not charging

Thank you Rick, Frank and Phil,
I have brought the generator to a specialist. The cut out relay is good after all. Apparently, the field windings are the culprit. And apparently these may be difficult to find, so for this summer, I will charge the battery after every outing and will make sure that I don't excedd 100 miles per outing. In the fall, I will then tackle the problem one way or another. I own 1931 model 414 as a parts car. Even though the generator is different, would anyone know if the field windings would be interchangeable between the two?

Where Are You From? Iroquois, Ontario

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 D-60


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