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wood spokes

I'm working on the rear wheels of my Star and have discovered that there is a big difference between the front hubs and the rear hubs. I have no rear spokes as the axle,when I got it, had nothing but stubs back there and no fellows. Front axle has 21 inch wheels and I re-worked the spokes on them 2 years ago and they look great. What I'm wondering is does anyone know of a Spoke Maker that would have a pattern for the rear wheels. Every ad I've looked at says, send me an old spoke for a pattern, well I don't have one. Also would there be any spacer for taking up the slack between the hub and the wood and has anyone else had this problem and solved it. Any help would be appreciated.. Dave

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Re: wood spokes

I would think that rear wheels from a 26-27 Model T Ford would be very close.
If you've got the Star hubs, you have the main thing you need. Maybe you could take the Model T wheel apart and assemble it to the Star hub, making changes at the inner end of the spokes if needed.

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Re: wood spokes

Spokes for the Ford T 21" wheels are the same for Star with 1/2" tenons. Bimel fellowes use 5/8" tenons. Should be an easy swap.

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