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Tire Size

While scanning a factory picture of a 1929 Roadster like mine, I noticed the tire size on the side of the tires. The size was 29x5.00/19, I have not seen it expressed that way before. I know what 5.00 and 19 stand for, But I don't know what the number 29 represents. Any ideas??


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Re: Tire Size

Rick: Tire sizes are generally quoted by the rim width and rim bead diameter in inches. However, old charts like the one shown, also quotes the tire width and outside diameter of the tire in inches.

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Re: Tire Size

On a hunch I measured a 4:75 / 5:00 x 19 on one of my rims and its the tire outside diameter 29 inch.

Mine should be for 1932 Durant only 5:25 x 19. 1931 and prior is the 4:75 x 19. The Queensway Tire Co in Simco has all the old books telling them just what tire size is year by year for our and other makes. Gord's is 5:25 x 18 on the 32 E 670 Frontenac. My 5:25 x 19 were such a mess from age I put the smaller ones on temporarily until I can find the large proper size. Makes the car look Gestapo with bigger ha ha

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Re: Tire Size

Thank you,
I also checked my tires and that makes perfect sense to me now.
29 inches tall by 5 inches wide on a 19 inch wheel.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Roadster

Re: Tire Size


The 29" comes from the 19 inch wheel plus 5 inches of tire, top & bottom = 10 inches. 19 x 10 = the 29 on the old tire sizes.

If you look at a model T or early Star, 30 x 3 1/2 , the wheel diameter, including rim will be 23 inches 30 minus twice the 3 1/2 inches. Similarly, our 22 Durant has 32 x 4 1/2 tires, still a 23 inch wheel. 32 minus twice 4 1/2 = 23

Hope this helps. Took me several years to get the hang of it. Still perplexed by the new radial markings.

Talk to a younger person.


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Re: Tire Size

Ya made me look at a pair of old 5:25 / 5:50 x 19 diamond tread I have and they are 30 inch diameter and 5 across. So 5:50 + 5:50 + 19 = 30. Make the car go faster with larger diameter than the pre 32 and need an extra anchor to stop it lol

Gord your 18's must be 29 then on the E 670 if 5:25 / 5:50 x 18 from Queensway.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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