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Re: Key

Hello Rory and Norm.

Rory: I emailed a scanned image of the Chicago Lock Co. ignition and door keys for my 1930 614 sedan to you. Please let me know that the email and scanned image came through OK.

Norm: I have other data in addition to the data you listed in your post. From the "Standard Auto-Electrician's Manual" shown in the Tech section of our Durant Club website, the 1930 614 Lock Ignition Coil is listed as IG-4082. This is the number on the ignition coil in my Oakland built 1930 614, which is the same number as noted in the next paragraph.

My "Illustrated List of Genuine Auto-Lite Parts for Durant", issued January, 1931 by The Electric Auto-Lite Company, Toledo, Ohio, lists the following:
IG-4082: 1930 407, 614 and 617
IG-4302: 1931 610, 612 and 614

I know one of my Oakland built 1930 407's has the original lock coil still in it (been there since at least 1964 when I got the car) but the car is in storage 100 miles away so I will have to wait a while until I can check to see which coil it has.

Rory: I hope all of this is not confusing information overload. Like all things Durant, it is a bit of mystery, waiting to be rediscovered.


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Re: Key

Rory: There are a couple of key sets on ebay right now and are due to end soon. You might want to check them out to see if they are the ones you are looking for. The ebay item numbers are: 262534149152 and 390554927247

Where Are You From? Hyattsville Md

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Re: Key

Now there you go, typical Billy Durant and nothing standard or the same. The AEA card is for 1930 - 31 407 Oakland with Serial Numbers C-1010 and up.

Cards for 1931 611, 614, and 31 / 32 618 Canadian with 22A and 22A Improved are IG-4203 as is the card for the E 618 / E 670 Frontenac. For some reason the 32 685 Fronty is IG-4303 which was used on the 32 680 De Vaux plus the IG-4309. Makes some sense with 680 De Vaux, 685 Fronty and 633 Durant mostly the same body / fenders / dash. We just altered a few parts Canadianizing them.

Chilton Interchange which I just learned is all Shurhit part numbers shows 1930 614 as IE-27, 617 can be IE-29 or IE-27, 1930 - 31 612, 614 as IE-27, 1931 610 as IE-27, 1931 619 as IE-27. For some reason no mention of the 407 but 610 the continuation of the 407 with 4 cyl W8. Had the 621 / 622 been built they were to have the E!-27 also. Chilton being US doesn't have Canadian info. Easy to convert the EI-27 as IG-4302 since we know that.

And the games go on with Billy's empire of no two cars the same plant to plant Easier to put a coil under the dash on the firewall and use a simple on off key ignition switch on the dash ha ha

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Re: Key

I have not received any email scan's from you.
please try again.

I also have an alternate email address: Rory.Deaton@Conwedplastics.com


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Re: Key

I got your scan Bob.
Thank you very much

Where Are You From? Salem VA

Do You own a car built by Durant? 30 Deluxe Sedan


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