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Re: Need help for a starter durant 1929

I should have checked the Tech section of DMAC which gives the starting motor number and confirms Chilton Interchange that only 3 Durant models used the starter.

1928-29 63,65,66 Autolite MZ-4001

Search has a limited number of hits for MZ-4001 used on Durant and Whippet



This site http://www.wokr.org/forum/archive/index.php?thread-1426-2.html says and confirms Chilton Interchange ...

The MZ 4001 was used on the 1928 Whippet 98 Six as well as on the four cylinder 1928 Model 96 and the 1929-30 Whippet 96A.

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Re: Need help for a starter durant 1929

OR should remove starter and see if spring is broken. Probably a new $7. part from Franks Ford parts bin will fix it. If lucky !!!

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Re: Need help for a starter durant 1929

Thank you for your answers .
There is no indication of letters or numbers on this starter . It was repair and my father was looking for a renew one. On your website there is a reference to this starter relative to this motor : MZ-4001 , but I’m not sur it’s the same ( see at the pictures)


but I do not know which or where I can find a renew one?

Thank you for your help

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Re: Need help for a starter durant 1929

The starter shown in your email to me and in photobucket appears to be the same as the one's on the sites I gave you at restore starters. First site calls it a Whippet starter and Facebbok calls is a Durant starter.

What is missing on yours is the band covering the brushes which will have the Auto-Lite name and number MZ 4001 plate.

 photo 11057472_882273335185578_4946805600547097841_n.jpg

Unless a member with a model 63, 65, 66 Durant with 15L engines, or a member of the Whippet club has one, I guess your best bet is to hope someone puts one on eBay.

You have a fairly rare car only built a short time, unlike all the many 40 or 60 models the general public could afford. Doing a quick look in the Registry we have less than 25 known 63's surviving world wide.
With our work on the Registry the 63 came out Aug 1 1929 which makes it a 1930 model year car. Durant up to 1930 used Aug 1 of one year to July 31 of next year as model year and vin's are based on that. Effective with the 1930 and later vehicles, that practice was stopped. So when a car came out that became the model year until that model was updated, at which time that became the model year. Best example I can give is the 614. Jan to Dec 31 1930 is 1930 model year. Jan 1 1931 to Jan 31 1932 is 1931 model year. Feb 1 1932 to end is 1932 model year.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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