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1933 continental ace

If someone wants a nice project here is one for you. on ebay item #161951724294. Would nice to be in the club? any takers...

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Re: 1933 continental ace

Mike this was on Forum before. Its a Frontenac Ace and unfortunately the owner is unable to read the vin plate to give us its serial for the Registry. US Ace has Hayes body plate 181-xxxx and the Frontenac Ace is 191-xxxx. In this case 191-1418.

We didn't assemble the Frontenac Ace, just import as required. I'm betting its vin is very low with so few imported. The one we know about is model 91 (US have model 81) 1007. With only 652 Ace's built you can imagine how few Fronty we brought in. The Frontenac C-400 and C-600 have the Frontenac rad crest but the imported Fronty Ace retained the Powerful as the Nation crest.

Needs a lot TLC and engine parts off a 40A used in 675 De Vaux, 680 De Vaux and the Ace. 675 / 680 updraft carb and Ace / Fronty Ace downdraft Marvel. Continental Motors seems to have used up the 40QA Hall engines used on the 675 De Vaux, and ground the Hall name off the blocks. All Ace engines have the 40AA casting with 1931 dates, but engine plate has 41A and the serial #.

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Re: 1933 continental ace

Hi fellows:
This looks suspiciously like the 33 Ace that Tim Wells of Kingston had 20 years or so ago. He found it in a river valley east of Kingston but only cleaned it up. It subsequently sold it and his 31 Frontenac Sedan to chap in Seatle. This chap I believe sold the Frontenac on eBay a few years ago. I just wonder if it is the same car. You will notice that this car has the same wheels that are on Ray Reid's 1933 Durant coupe. I know that at the time Tim had more than one hubcap. No mention of hubcaps in this situation though.

Curious, eh


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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac built by Dominion Motors, Canada

Re: 1933 continental ace

Hi Gord, you talking about Daryl Jordan in Seattle Wash ? Daryl still has the Fronty Ace 91-1007 with Hayes body plate 191-1262.

Story is Daryl bought the body, fenders, hood, running boards from McAdoo Auto Parts Nov 2 1996. Nov 3 1996 he bought the rest of the parts Tim Wells had kept. In Aug 21 1997 he came back for his 1931 Frontenac plus motor, tranny from the 33 Fronty. Car was a basket case in fair to poor condition. Daryl goes on to say this was his 2nd Continental Ace but built in Canada and that made it a Frontenac. Daryl has 4 Ace's presently inc the Kingston one. Per Daryl its a Deluxe with the wooden wheels like is on the 32 633 in Shannonville. Motor Wheel Co wheels. Daryl also noted the 40A Hall engine has the Hall name ground off as have all Ace's. Casting dates for 675, 680 and Ace are all in 1931 indicating Continental Motors used up the 675 De Vaux excess engines. De Vaux was to flood the market in sales, which didn't happen.

Its too bad the vin plate is unreadable on the eBay Fronty to see how close it is to Daryl's. It wasn't until Steve and I got the info on Daryl's Frontenac Ace, we found out it wasn't a model 81 with Hayes body plates 181 like all Ace's but in fact model 91 with 191 body plates. Now we know a bit more that 81 is US and 91 is Canada. Of course our Leaside aftermarkets say nothing about Ace and De Vaux - Continental ones only show 81.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan

Re: 1933 continental ace

Did another quick look and even AMC Canada vin's book has wrong info on the Frontenac Ace. Where made .. Detroit is correct. Model and vin shows 81 not 91, so they guessed also.

Here she is at Daryl's with the wood spoke wheels.

 photo Daryl04.jpg

Where Are You From? Ottawa, Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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