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Reproduction W5 Cylinder Head (High Compression) and Cast Iron Brake Drums

Since I've got the car on the road now, I'm progressing with a few updates/changes that I've been wanting to do.

The first is the production of cast iron brake drums to replace the original pressed steel drums. The originals were never the best. Combine that with some wear over the years, they don't produce the best results. The new cast drums, with a good brake lining material, should make for a much improved braking system.

The second is the production of a new higher compression head. I've become a little jealous of our Model A friends in what options are easily available off the shelf to them. Whilst my car performs well with some minor modifications it's had done to it, a higher compression head will make the car that much better to tourer in. Like the Ford products, the reproduced heads will be identical to the original on the outside, but with a modified combustion chamber design. Compression ratio and chamber design is yet to be settled on.

The brake drums will be produced in Australia, whilst the heads are likely to be produced in USA. It's likely that due to set up costs only one production run of the heads will be undertaken. Production of the brake drums will probably occur whenever there's sufficient numbers to undertake a minimum batch run.

If you're interested in either of the above products, drop us an email with your details and I'll keep you up to date.


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Re: Reproduction W5 Cylinder Head (High Compression) and Cast Iron Brake Drums

Hi Shane. I maybe wrong but I have 2 types of heads that fit the W5 engine. One normal and one higher compression as it has less combustion chamber than the one I took of my original engine. I was told it was Hp when I purchased it. When building my engine I then went and shaved it some more by 40thou and it was a rocket with cam to match. Unfortunately the block had minor cracks that didn't seal in it and rendered it unusable. but on the bright side.... it would cruise easy at 55mph before it started to play up with the cracks causing temp issues. So I put in my $50 ebay special 1965 rebuilt new engine in it. A bit slower but still good for 50mph cruising. I'll take a pic and email it to you soon. I have another block now so am going to put the guts into it and build a 2 seater speedster in the future.
Catch Ya


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Re: Reproduction W5 Cylinder Head (High Compression) and Cast Iron Brake Drums

Good luck with those projects, That's great!.. Those a Model A and T H.C. heads took years to perfect and still not perfect...Always being tweaked because of performance and casting issues . Just less as time goes on.
Once you get 25,000 miles proven and 5 years aging on a head design...I'll buy one.
So get rolling !


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