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1930 - 32 Fender Light Lense's

Just a heads up on an almost impossible part to find. By accident I came across an eBay seller selling many parts and one was a 3 x 2 3/4 lense used, I think in Durant's only, Special and Deluxe. I'm told a few of us cut out plastic circles they are so hard to find. Orig is C.M.Hall Depress beam 3 x 2 3/4 # 1179. Been looking since 2006 for a lense for my 32.

Check eBay 272041982106. These are made by McKee and I asked the part number. They didn't see a part number but I took a chance and bought a pair. Size and appearance was correct. Arrived today still individually wrapped in the orig factory package and I took one out of the wrapping and checked myself. Part number 1179 shown on lower edge of the glass. Other than the makers name they are same as Depress Beam ones.

Price is now shown as $44.99 but were discounted a few days when I bough the pair for $38.24 US Nov 13. Still has 6 pair left.

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Re: 1930 - 32 Fender Light Lense's

Good for you Norm... sure takes a long time to find these elusive pieces of glass...
FYI McKee produced most of the cowl and Fender lenses to mimic the pattern of the Depress Beam Headlight pattern. The other maker was C. M. Hall (these would be the DB pattern with CM Hall on the face).
They will never say "Depress Beam" on the face, only HLs will.
The fender lenses you purchased may also fit:
1929-30 Graham Paige, 1929-31 Hupmobile, excluding century models 214-216-221, 30-31 These cars also use the same HL as your Durant. DB 11471. (Mckee also made a NORS headlight to replace all the DB sizes for these cars it is the TWOLITE, Spreadlight, or McKeelite pattern).
My Durant 75 (which had 10 1/8" Glolite HLs) had Twolite pattern Cowl lenses, so deeply frosted you could barely see what they were.

The ebay seller you bought from, purchased the last of the parts store that we visited in Auburn when the DMAC had a national meet there. They specialized In graham, Hupp and Auburns. They had parts to the sky with many that were still in the original packaging. Now just a memory.

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Re: 1930 - 32 Fender Light Lense's

Thanks Carol .. I have never found another vehicle that used the 1179 lense other than the Special or Deluxe Durant 1930 - 32. Standard Durant is parking bulb in the headlight. That makes it even harder to find. The E 618 / E 670 Frontenac 1931 / 32 never used fender lights but a few owners have stuck them on. Aftermarkets bear this out as do restored Frontys. So again exclusive to Durant's.

I have sort of noted looking for a lense since 2006 that Graham Paige and Hup are bigger sized lights / leases for fender / cowl. Its like the beehive taillight lense with Graham Page having a few models same as us (1928 K-D 214 - 215) but also a bigger beehive lense that looks the same but make sure you get diameter first before buying.

What I can't fathom is why Durant Motors 1930 US and Can and US 31 used Glolite 944 lenses on the HL yet Depress Beam 1179 on the fender lights. Not even same design. Dominion Motors used Depress Beam on all vehicles 1931 - 1933 and fender light lenses finally matched 31 / 32. HL 31 / 32 Durant / Fronty 11471 used on a bunch of makes. 12887 convex used on the C-400 / C-600 Fronty and also Chrysler 31 / 32, REO 1933, Rockne 32. Since Dominion made the REO Royal 12887 was used on that. ( knew of two Reo Royals by Dominion in the 60's. One was sitting on the side of a road just outside Ottawa near Orleans and that got picked up by the Ont hwys and off for junk. Other one was a club members and was on eBay a few years ago and no idea where now)

Yes I think I have seen a number of things by this seller on eBay and as you say most items are graham, hupp, auburn. If memory is right they had a pull cable and design on the pull was De Vaux. Think it was Throttle with inverted V over another V and T in the middle. Again Durant and offshoots are mixed up with Graham / Essex in a few parts. Those pine cone handles used on the 70 ? and Essex. My interior handles are 1930 Essex used by Dominion on the 1932 614 / 618. Beehive taillights used according to the box on 65 and 1931 Durant (and a few models Dodge, Desoto, Chryslers, Graham Paige). Must be US packaging as it was used on all 1930 - 32 Durant / Rugby's in Can, E-618 / E-670 Fronty and a number of pre 30 models up here. 40 & 60 for sure. Durant part # 43471 Interesting the Leaside gives 65 as part # 24899 for beehive.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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