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The repair manual (page 94) states "A dowel between the motor base and the starting motor frame locates it in relation to the flywheel".
I am not clear on what this means. What size dowel? and exactly where?
Can anyone clear this up for me.


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Re: Starter


Your starter is mounted to your block with a metal strap, to keep your starter in position there is a dowel driven into the block mid way between the two ears casted on the block that recieve the starter...The dowel is approximatly 5/16" in diameter and probably 9/16" long which approxamitly 1/4" will stick out when driven into block...The started housing will have a 5/16" hole that will position over the pin...This will keep starter itself from rotating and will keep starter pinion in correct position for flywheel.

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Re: Starter

Ken, if you look in the starter cradle you should see a 1/4" hole, (or a dowel) and a corresponding hole (or a dowel)in the side of the starter case about opposite the cable terminal. This aligns the starter in a front to rear alignment and also prevents the starter from rotating in the cradle against the torque.

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