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Finished my roof 1927 Model M Touring

Sir, I need help
Have done everything to get a new roof on my touring star.
Found irons, saddles and new ribs. Assembled all material and snaps and have had a roof built with snap secures so it is removable.


Roof is on and sown and looks great. But has never been opened yet.
There is seat belt material wrap in roofing material running up both sides of roof, from front arch, around back arch and allowing snapping at the bottom. There is an inlay on the inside (about 12 inches wide) running from front to back over the arches of the wooden ribs.

1. Should inlay be stapled to second and third rib or be staple free from front rib to last rib ??? Should anything be stapled to the second and third ribs ???

2. Should the seatbelt (hic) be stapled to ANY rib at all other than the first rib. The seat belt should be tied only at front rib and at back bottom of roof where roof snaps to wood ??? (or screws mentioned below)

3. There are 2 Fat Screws and washers at the top/back of the car bod just 1/2 inch from top . Whereas the roof is snapped to the wood at the back of the car, these 2 fat screws go through the back body steel of car then into wood (same as snaps). They seem to be placed were it is natural to tie seat belt ends to these screws as they have the added security of going through the steel of body to get to the wood. So do seatbelt strap tie just to wood or on 2 original equipment screws with fat washers that sit there.

Appreciating all replies
Guy Belzil

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Re: Finished my roof 1927 Model M Touring

I don't know about 1 & 2 but 3 should be a common sense fastener. This is the kind that has a post where the top half can be rotated. That way the entire top can be removed.

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Re: Finished my roof 1927 Model M Touring

Hi Guy

Here is some of what I recall when I did the top on my A-22, most of which I used a Star touring in the area as a go-by for the most part....

The tug straps are first fastned to the front header bow with that bow fastened down on the pikes, then position your back bow to give an approx. 1 1/2" drip line behind the tub, temporally staple the strap to the rear bow then tug the strap taunt and fasten to the wood inside of the rear tub (I believe I had a tug buckle that fastned inside with a single screw/bolt through the bottom of the buckle)...Check drip line and staple the rear bow permantly...Now, staple strap onto each of the two intermediate bows, lay your 12" bow pads with their inside edge resting slightly over the tug straps and fasten to front and rear bow, Now, the bow pad can only be fastened on the second bow where it sits on the strap (otherwise it will bind when lowering top) The third bow can be fastened around the curve of the bow as well as the front and back...You may want to temporaly fasten things together and check top operation....Wheather you fasten your top fabric perminatly on the back bottom and using Hidem or useing common sence fastners you will need fasteners on the back flap that wraps around to the inside of the back bow as it will bind when lowering the top if installed permantly(That triangle piece)....You probably know but the top fabric is fastned to the rear bow with the back stapled first then the front stapled over the back then Hidem to trim, this way it will shed water.

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